Instances are confusing for those just starting out!

The first time inside of one of World of Warcraft's man instances can be a confusing experience. The entire game changes once you hop through that portal. Luckily our latest guide, Instances for Newbies, can help you with helpful information on how to setup a proper instance group (and groups to avoid) along with tactics and things to watch out for that could embarrass you with your peers. We kick things off with a detailed explanation of how to form the proper instance group and we'll continue to add things over the next few weeks, so watch out for updates!

Non-raid instances are small areas where you can only bring five other players into them. When you’re facing tough and challenging encounters with only five players then you need to choose those five players properly or else you’ll be unable to progress anywhere through the instance. As an added bonus you’ll also need to pick five out of the ten (eleven with Death Knights) available classes. This means you’ll need to get a mixture of all of the tools needed to finish through the instance with just five different classes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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