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The Basics

Inquisitors are evil, so if you choose to play on you will either be starting out on the Outpost of the Overlord,in the Darklight Woods, or Timorous Deep. Wherever you land, it will be important to do the quests in the area, get to know your Inquisitor, and get all the newbie gear you can. You'll be pressed for coin, so questing for your gear will be key.

If you are breezing through your lower levels, there really isn't much need to upgrade your spells, however, if you want to, a good way of doing this is trading with other players in zone. Murphy's Law says, you'll get lots of adept spell drops and none of them will be yours! Save them and ask in channel or /ooc if anyone could use what you have or would like to make a swap. You can get spells for free and make friends!

As you gain in levels, you will have a larger variety of hunting options. The quickest way to level is generally group dungeon crawls, so if leveling is your goal, get in channel and start actively looking for a group. If you are having troubles finding a group, then you might want to consider looking for a guild. Guild help so much in accomplishing in game goals, and they truly bring more of a community aspect to the game.

Once you get into the city, you'll want to take time to get acclimated and familiar with where everything is at. A good way to do this is the racial quests. Your racial mentor will send you to various locations, so simply note where things are, and be sure to stop in the local Inn, get your room and do their quest for housing items.

If you plan on taking up a tradeskill, while you are spending time in lower tier zones, its a good idea to gather as you fight. You'll require lots of bags because all your loot and crafting items take up space!

As you gain in levels and experience, as a healer, you will find that having the right spells of the best quality are important. Gear is important, but for casters and healers, spells are more important. All of your spells should be at least of Adept I quality. For the spells you use the most, you'll want to invest in Adept III (made by crafters) or Master I (mob drops). To get these, you will either need to purchase them from the broker, have them made, or manage to get them as mob drops. The cheapest option is to have them made. Take the time to find a reputable Sage on your server, either by asking around or reading on your server forums, and ask them to make your spells for you! You can usually save some money by gathering the rares for your spells yourself, so be sure to ask your Sage what they will require.



Inquisitors are slow to solo in early levels, but higher level players do okay. Soloing any class takes skill and knowledge. Knowing what your spells do and what achievement lines will benefit you are key in being an effective soloer.

As an Inquisitor, since you have plate armor and are more protected than the average healer, your focus will become boosting your damage output. It has sometimes been joked about that watching a cleric solo a mob requires a comfy chair and some snacks because it takes soo long. You can heal yourself and take damage forever, but who really wants to?

To solo well, pay special attention to your damage spells and debuffs. Make sure they are of good quality and are all up-to-date with spell line upgrades. Buffs are also important as Inquisitors get some great ones that can really aid in combat attack speeds and health gains. Go into your fight with debuffs, the less protection a mob has, the better your damage spells will do. Reactives are great for soloing, so be sure to use yours! The time you have to take to cast heals, gives you more time to cast smites.

If you have the achievements options (available with the Kingdom of Sky and Echoes of Faydwer expansions), then for the cleric line, you might want to consider going down the strength or intelligence tree. Either of these lines will give you more bang for your buck when it comes to damage. In the Inquisitor tree, the detriments or battle lines would be useful. The detriments line will give you more in the way of debuffs and the battle line has some very nice spell and melee attacks that do much in the way of damage.



As a group healer, your goal will always be keeping your groupmates alive and well, everything else is secondary to this mission. Keep your heals and buffs all upgraded, remember to pass out divine awakening items so that your groupmates may revive you if needed, and be watchful of all that is happening!

You will need to remain aware of the tank at all times, what he is doing and where he is going. Some tanks tend to wander, so its up to you to make sure that he stays within range of your heals. If your tank wanders a little too often, feel free to ask him to stay a bit closer to the group! In addition to keeping a solid eye on the tank, you'll need to glance at the other group members health bars regularly. Other players that are grabbing aggro more than occasionally might need a reminder to ease on damage. A healer should not be constantly worried about anyone other than the tank and its taxing on a group if the healer is having to constantly watch everyone ALL of the time. I've always thought of the healer as the "parent" of the group. You are the one that is responsible to keep them alive, so you have the right to ask other players to abide by some general guidelines. They may not always like being told what to do, but they'll like it less if they keep dying!

For achievements, I find the most useful cleric line is the intelligence branch. Improved casting speeds and timer reuse speeds are very handy. Honestly, the cleric line doesn't do a whole lot for group focused players, there are a whole lot of melee and damage boosts, which really don't help the Inquisitor that won't be doing much combat.

For the Inquisitor AP line you have some better options. Triage and detriments are both great lines to choose, but it will really depend on what you feel is more useful and whether you place your focus more on debuffs or buffs.


Regardless of whether you group or solo more often, do your research and keep track of which spells you use most often!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016