Looking for a more intimate Smite experience? Joust might be the game mode for you. You can think of Joust as the little brother of Conquest. Instead of teams of 5 you’ll be matched with 2 other players for a 3 v 3 battle. If you really consider yourself affluent in the ways of Joust, there is also a 1 v 1 mode of the game.

The map is also different. Only one lane connects the two Titans with a single turret and phoenix protecting them. To either side of the lane are small jungles that contain camps with buffs for Speed, Damage, and Mana. Management of these buffs is a lot easier because of the small area of the map, but this same small area also makes for more confrontations around them.

Joust more than any other game mode in Smite comes down to how your gods match up against the enemy teams. Be sure to pick gods that synergize well together and/ or counter the enemy’s picks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Go back and buy often. Because there are so few players, each little bit of extra power you can squeeze out of your god at any time will give your team a big advantage. Go back and buy whenever you can get a new item to ensure you’re ready for the next engagement. Going back often will also have the added benefit of making sure you are always topped up on health and mana. Plus, it’s not a far run back to lane so you’re not really losing much progress/ creep kills.
  • Counter your enemy.  Not just with god picks but with items. If your team is heavy on the physical damage build up some physical protection. If they’re really tanky, buy some items to cut through their protection. It’s all about tailoring yourself to be the perfect weapon against who you are playing.
  • Don’t rush the tower down. There’s only one tower per side in Joust. If you immediately start hammering the enemy tower down before you’re strong enough to make a push for the phoenix, all you’ll have done is give the enemy more free time to farm your creeps. Keep the tower up until you’ve built up some good items and are ready to make a serious push.
  • Grab the buff camps. You should always be paying attention to the buff camp timers in Joust. Even if you don’t think you need a buff to enhance your damage output, you should get it anyways for the experience/ gold and to prevent the enemy team from grabbing it. The buffs are very accessible to the lane, so after pushing your lane up quickly scoot into the jungle and grab it before the other team can push back towards your tower.
  • Bring a good team composition. Not only gods that synergize well, but ones that fill in the others weaknesses. You wouldn’t want to bring 3 mages because then the enemy team could just build magic resistance. Try to incorporate three different classes that offer both of the different damage types (physical and magical).

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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