Expansion Day!

By: Paul "Slide" Shortt

It’s expansion day! KoS has been officially released. This is the day that I’m glad I live in the Eastern Time zone since I’ll be working straight through the server downtime during live update number 20. The forums are full of people passing the time playing forum games, chit chatting with EverQuest 2 peers, typing, laughing and last but not least, whining.

The impatience is staggering. I can understand wanting to play. I love new games, expansions and content and want to play. I WANT TO PLAY!!! But, I work 12+ hours per day and think how nice it would be to sit at my keyboard questing and beating up on mean, nasty mobs with my pals instead of taking insidious helpdesk calls of do0m. Some subscribers just simply need to relax. What I think people have to realize is that our friends at Sony have to bring the servers down to give us the tasty goodness that is new content. It’s going to take a loooong time. We all pay for a service and part of this service is to expect new stuff. I wish the developers (devs) could magically wiggle their dev-ish fingers and make new in-game paraphernalia just appear on our servers, but common sense should tell us that this isn’t possible. If you think otherwise then perhaps you’ve been playing the game a bit too long. Some fresh air should be in your future. As for those who think that Sony should pay back a portion of their subscription due to down time, feel free to take my 2 cents. Every little bit helps. I know.

Now, not everyone is going to rush out and buy a hard copy of Kingdom of Sky right away or click away frenziedly to download a copy, and that’s ok. Many of you, myself included, are far from level 60 and there might not be a need for KoS just yet, although there is the new achievement system which sounds interesting. So what shall we do in the mean time? Play the game! Remember, Live update 20 just hit Norrathian shores. Take a look at the update notes for an idea of what to expect by clicking here.
Being from Qeynos, I plan on toying with some of Freeportian guards. They attack now, so running into the opposite city aught to be much more interesting.

The one thing I am looking forward to the most would probably be Player vs. Player. I have never played a MMORPG with PvP before, so I’m looking forward to loving it, or completely hating it. My plan is to check it out sometime tonight. The wife is taping American Idol so I’m good to go. I haven’t decided what class I’m going to pick yet, but I’ll probably be the person hiding in the bushes trying to survive this first day of EverQuest 2 PvP. Click here for some information on the PvP ruleset.

Enjoy the expansion folks. Enjoy the live update. Remember that if Sony didn’t want you to have fun, then they wouldn’t update their game and you can’t deny that EQ2 gets updated often.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016