The northern boundary of Latialis Vales is the Presidium Primoris, a large wall that marks the frontier between truly secure Roman territory to the north and the wild forestlands of Latialis Vales and beyond. Much of the surrounding area and the forestlands themselves were recently decimated by massive flows of lava.

  • The Samnites have moved large numbers of troops into the Cerro Hills section of the Latialis Vales. Rome's military leaders fear the Samnites are preparing for a full-scale offensive

Frenzied Maenads are running rampant in the Mystic hills, leaving a trail of empty wine-jugs and the remains of their victims in their wake. Luckily, the msall enclave of Mystics at the Occultus Castra have not yet fallen victim to the Maenad hordes.

The Burning Valley - so named because the lava flows were particularly devastating to this area - is home to the Maleficus Dactyli, who have been supplying the Samnites with weapons and armor. For this reason the Roman road repair crews at the Sarcio Work Camp need extra protection. This area is quickly becoming a flashpoint for conflict.

Levels 21-23

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