Making their home in Gorgrond, the Laughing Skill Orcs are lead by the infamous Kaz the Shrieker. Making the most savage of places their home, these Orcs are brutal, fearless, and cunning. These Orcs are very clan based and take pride in the fact that they are first and foremost Laughing Skull Orcs. It is for this reason that, thus far, this particular Orc clan has refused to join with Garrosh and his notorious Iron Horde.

By refusing to join the Iron Horde, the Laughing Skull Orcs have put themselves in a rather precarious position. With danger closing in, this Orc clan seems to find the thought of their annihilation exhilarating rather than intimidating. Their lack of enthusiasm for joining the Iron Horde has made them natural allies of the Frostwolf Clan and inadvertently, the Horde. Horde heroes should rush to earn favor with this clan, as they may be the key to surviving the onslaught of the Iron Horde.

Unlocking the Laughing Skull Clan Faction

Unlike most other factions in Warlords of Draenor, players will find the Laughing Skull Clan faction is not available to them at the start. Instead, this faction is directly linked to the brand new player housing implemented in game; the Garrison. This means this faction will likely be accessed at different points of the game by each individual player.

To access this particular faction, players must obtain a Trading Post Level 2 inside of their Garrison. To do this, first a Trading Post Level 1 must be built. It can then be later upgraded to Level 2. When the Trading Post Level 2 is in place, this faction will automatically unlock. When this happens, the player will finally be able to earn reputation for the Laughing Skull Clan Orcs.

Earning Reputation – Laughing Skull Clan

Gaining reputation with the Laughing Skull Clan is quite easy, as it seems to be with almost all Warlords of Draenor reputations. There are currently no quests associated with this faction, thus, players must depend on killing mobs for reputation gain. Mobs that earn reputation for this faction are level 100 and can be found in the Pit of Gorgrond, as well as most wildlife found inside the Everbloom wilds. Remember, you must have a Trading Post Level 2 in order for these mobs to grant you any reputation.

Rewards – Laughing Skull Clan

Besides getting to know this rather interesting faction, the Laughing Skull Clan will offer Horde players various other rewards for gaining their favor. This factions Quartermaster is ready and waiting to sell his wares. Remember, the better your reputation the more rewards you will be able to purchase.

The Quartermaster for the Laughing Skull Orcs can be found directly inside your Garrison's Trading Post. Rewards may be purchased for Gold or a combination of Gold and Apexis Crystals. Rewards for the Laughing Skull Clan include:


Laughing Skull Elixir – Grants the chance to deal Shadow damage and increases your movement speed by 5%. Lasts 30 minutes and is only usable in Gorgrond.

Happy Fun Skull – Toy that can be tosses to friendly players.


Manical Grimace – Trinket that summons a Laughing Skull Berserker to fight by your side.

Tickle Totem – Toy that allows you to place a totem.


Bone Wasp – Battle pet.

Contract: Cacklebone – Teaches Cacklebone, a level 100 Restoration Shaman.

Bloody/Frozen/Visage of the Laughing Skull – Transmogrification helms.


Ironside Wolf – Ground mount.

Golden Visage of the Laughing Skull – Transmogrification helm.

Laughing Skull Orcs Tabard – Tabard.

Laughing Skull Orcs – Achievement for reaching Exalted.

Masked Chuckler – Title earned for reaching Exalted.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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