Leatherworking Ingredients

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Ingredient Profession Drop Vendor Skinning
Black Diamond   X    
Black Dragonscale       X
Black Pearl Fishing X    
Black Whelp Scale   X   X
Bleach     X  
Bloodvine   X    
Blue Dragonscale       X
Bolt of Runecloth Tailoring      
Bolt of Silk Cloth Tailoring X    
Bolt of Woolen Cloth Tailoring X    
Brilliant Chromatic Scale   X    
Chimera Leather       X
Citrine Mining X    
Coarse Gorilla Hair   X    
Coarse Thread     X  
Core of Earth   X    
Cured Light Hide       X
Cured Medium Hide        
Cured Rugged Hide        
Cured Thick Hide        
Deviate Scale   X   X
Devilsaur Leather       X
Dyes   X    
Elemental Earth   X    
Elemental Air        
Elemental Fire        
Elemental Water        
Elixir of Agility Alchemy      
Elixir of Defense Alchemy      
Elixir of Greater Defense Alchemy      
Elixir of Lesser Agility Alchemy      
Elixir of Minor Agility Alchemy      
Elixir of Wisdom Alchemy      
Enchanted Leather Enchanting      
Felcloth   X    
Fiery Core   X    
Fine Thread     X  
Flask of Big Mojo     X  
Flask of Mojo        
Frostsaber Leather        
Globe of Water   X    
Great Rage Potion Alchemy      
Green Dragonscale   X   X
Green Whelp Scale       X
Guardian Stone   X    
Heart of Fire        
Heavy Leather   X X X
Heavy Scorpid Scale   X   X
Heavy Silken Thread     X  
Iridescent Pearl Fishing X    
Iron Buckle Blacksmithing      
Ironfeather   X    
Ironweb Spider Silk        
Jade Mining X    
Jet Black Feather   X    
Kingsblood Herbalism X X  
Large Fang   X    
Larval Acid   X    
Lava Core   X    
Light Leather   X   X
Long Tail Feather   X    
Lucky Charm   X    
Mageweave Cloth   X    
Medium Leather   X X X
Mooncloth Tailoring      
Moss Agate Mining X    
Ogre Tannin   X    
Perfect Deviate Scale   X   X
Powerful Mojo   X    
Primal Bat Leather       X
Primal Tiger Leather       X
Raptor Hide   X    
Red Dragonscale       X
Red Whelp Scale       X
Refined Deeprock Salt Engineering      
Righteous Orb   X    
Rugged Leather     X X
Ruined Leather Scraps   X   X
Rune Thread     X  
Salt     X  
Scale of Onyxia       X
Scorpid Scale   X   X
Shadow Oil Alchemy      
Shadowcat Hide       X
Shadowgem Mining X    
Silken Thread     X  
Skin of Shadow   X    
Slimy Murloc Scale   X    
Small Lustrous Pearl Fishing X    
Spider's Silk   X    
Swiftness Potion Alchemy      
Thick Murloc Scale   X    
Thick Wolfhide       X
Thin Kodo Skin   X    
Turtle Scale       X
Warbear Leather       X
Wicked Claw   X    
Wildvine Herbalism X    
Worn Dragonscale       X

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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