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There are Three Achievements to complete in the Lost City of
Tol'vir. They are located at the second, third, and fourth
bosses. They are called Acrocalypse Now, Kill it with Fire, and
Headed South. The first two are fairly simple, however the last
achievement is one of the hardest ones required for the Glory of the
Cataclysm Hero achievement, so make sure you are prepared.

Difficulty: Easy

This achievement is extremely simple currently as there are several
methods that can be used to make it trivial. Because of that some
of these ways may be hot fixed to be removed as viable methods, however
since there have been several hotfixes already to heroic encounters
they may remain as there have been many opportunities to remove these
methods and they have not been, so they may be intended.

All methods involve properly waiting until you have enough croc adds
alive to kill. Counting these reliably visually can be tricky, so an
easy way is to look at the buff on the boss. The buff to watch
for is called Scent of Blood. Each time he gains a
stack of the
buff it means that adds have been summoned. 2 adds are summoned
from each side of the boss

The three methods that I have currently seen done are as follows:

Statue Method - This method involves all players
running around the side of the boss and getting up onto the crocodile
statues in front of the temple behind lockmaw. This can be done
by getting up onto the wall and jumping onto the crocodile's tail
carefully and walking up onto the head of the statue. If done
correctly the boss will not agro. Once everyone is there the tank
can pull the boss to him on the statue. Everyone remains there
until there are over 20 frenzied crocolisks spawned at which point the
tank can jump down so that all the crocs attack. At this point
everyone AOEs them down. This means watching for at least 5
stacks of Scent of Blood and probably 6 to be safe that you have enough
to kill.

Water Method - This is much the same as above,
however, everyone runs into the water and stays there during the fight
until there are 20 crocs spawned per side. This is a little
different than the 20 total above, as the crocs spawn on each side of
the central path, and if you pull them before there are 20 on your
side, you will manage to kill them all before the ones from the other
side get there. This means waiting for at least 10 stacks of the
Scent of Blood buff before engaging.

Mount Method - This method is harder, at least in
my opinion, and requires a well geared tank and healer. The tank
and healer engage the boss while everyone else remains mounted.
The tank and healer hold the boss and kill any adds that aggro to them,
while any adds that agro the mounted DPS players are kited around the
area. While on a mount it is very easy to keep them kited around
the boss. Once there are enough up everyone rushes to the center
and AOEs them down.

No mater the method you use, as soon as you kill enough to meet the
requirement for the achievement you earn it. You can then either
finish the boss or wipe and restart if you are low on health or mana.

Difficulty: Easy

This is another fairly easy achievement to complete. You work
through phase 1 of the fight normally, and only really changes the
fight in phase 2. Once in phase 2 it is mainly about player
restraint and holding off DPS until you can complete it.

The tank needs to move the phoenix to an opposite side of the
burning soul area from the players. The players then have to wait
until a soul fragment is spawned and for it to start moving through the
burning soul area to gain a buff that says they are now burning.
As soon as they have that buff you must kill them within 8 seconds
before the buff expires or before they reach the phoenix. Rinse
and repeat 2 additional times and you will earn your achievement.

Once again, you get the achievement as soon as the required number
of adds die, similar to the croc fight. At this point if you are
behind you can wipe and restart the fight normally.

Difficulty: Very Difficult

This achievement is considered one of the hardest, if not the
hardest to get. It involves a lot of coordination and healing to
accomplish. It is also an individual achievement and it is
possible for some people in the group to earn while others do not.

There are two critical things to keep in mind for this
achievement. The first is the only adds that grant the Lightning
Charge debuff are the large melee adds called the Servants of Siamat.
They grant this debuff to everyone within melee range of them when they
die and it lasts for 30 seconds. Therefore, to get all three
stacks you must make sure they die within about 25 seconds of the time
the previous one died.

The second critical thing to keep in mind is that Siamat is
protected by a shield that prevents 90% of all damage until the third
servant that was summoned dies. Also, when the shield expires it
starts a sequence that keeps players out of combat for roughly 15
seconds as they are tossed around violently.

This means that players must focus heavily on the boss, even though
the shield is up, so that they have him low enough to kill him with
roughly 50 seconds of total DPS time.

The fight should be planned so that everyone ignores the ranged DPS
adds as they die over time anyway. This means that big heals are
needed, which makes this fight very difficult for a healer. If
you have a hybrid class they may also want to help healing.

When the fight starts all DPS should focus on the boss with only the
tank picking up the servants as they spawn. The tank then marks
the first one (with any symbol they like other than skull or X) and
kites it around doing a little damage to it as he goes. Then pick
up and mark the second when it spawns, mark this one with an X. The
tank and DPS should get both to a bit below 50% health but no lower
than 30%. When the third servant spawns the tank should mark it
with skull and move it near the boss.

At this point everyone trying for the achievement needs to get
within melee range of the skull marked servant and kill it. When
it dies Siamat's shield will go down. At this point everyone should
get a few seconds of DPS in on the boss, however you need to make sure
that as soon as you are down to about 10 seconds on the debuff, then
everyone needs to switch to the X add and down it before you lose the
debuff. Once you get the second debuff it will reset it to 30

Once you have the second debuff you have about 20 seconds to work on
the boss before once again switching to the last add and downing
it. Once this last add goes down you will have the required 3
debuffs and have just less than 30 seconds to kill the boss. Burn
the boss down hard as healing will be tough with all the incoming

This is a very difficult achievement so expect having to try it a
few times. Because players will be largely ignoring the chain
lightning adds, there will be a lot of incoming damage so anything you
can do to suffer less damage or self heal, it is important to do so to
help the healer out. Some groups also find it useful to have 2
healers, 2 big DPS (over 10,000 damage) and a tank.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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