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Book 12 will bring a lot of updates to Lord of the Rings Online, but it will also hail the coming of the "Month of the Burglar." This update will bring many changes to Middle-earths stealthy little pickpockets and add several new skills to their arsenal. Martuk recently had a chance to preview the new changes and has completely redesigned our Burglar Skill List section with a new look and all the new skills from the Book 12 update. If you are a Burglar then this list will introduce you to some of the skills you will receive with the Book 12 update such as Location is Everything, and Share the Fun.

The Burglar class is the most stealthy and sneakiest class in Middle-earth. They serve as the nimble damage dealers and can dazzle their opponents with their riddles. The Burglar class will be receiving their "Month of the Burglar" update with the launch of Book 12. This will bring many changes for this class and a lot of new skill. In keeping current with these changes we have redesigned our Burglar Skill List to reflect the most up to date information for this class.

Welcome the "month of the burglar" in your own way by checking out the burglar skill list at Lord of the Rings Online - Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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