It's very epic; we assure you.

Have you gotten stumped in Lord of the Rings Online on Epic Book Four? Having a problem beating that creature or not sure where the quest is pointing you? This week Martuk's new guide titled "Epic Guide: Book Four" takes us on a walkthrough of the Epic Book Four quest. This guide is filled with locations, strategies, story, and even a small map with marked locations.

Epic Book Four takes place roughly two months after the incident at Bruinen Ford where Frodo was pursued by the Nazgul. When Frodo reached the Ford he was weak from his Morgul blade stab wound given to him at the hands of the Witch King near Weathertop. Frodo raised his sword to make a last stand, but when the Nazgul stepped upon the running waters of the Ford Elven magic took hold. The waters began to rise and with a touch from Gandalf the Grey the water took the form of great steeds as it poured over some of the Nazgul. The few that tried to withdraw were helped into the coming wave by Aragorn and Glorfindell who had just caught up to the Black Riders at the Ford.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016