Guide to Elves

Not like the pretty mouthed tree huggers you've seen in the movies, Elves are intelligent, agile, and a powerful race of beings in Middle-earth. Ten Ton Hammer has you complete guide to all things Elven including class choices, racial traits, and much more.

Tall and strong, fair and graceful, Elves have a keen sense and a deep affinity for the beauty of the natural world. Throughout the ages, the deeds and struggles of the noble races of elves have been entwined with the history of Middle-earth. Elves do not grow old as other races do - there are elves abroad in Middle-earth today who still remember their youth in the First Age. They remember all too well the devastation cause by tides of evil that once darkened the land - a shadow that threatens to do so again. In ages past the Elves divided into many different groups, and settled throughout Middle-earth, primarily in the ancient forested realms where they still live.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016