Guide to Leveling Man 1-10

Interested in being a Man? No this isn't email spam, so stop laughing. Join RadarX as he examines how to level Man from 1-10 including walkthroughs on the epic and optional quests around Archet and Combe.

Welcome to the open and free Middle-Earth. You'll now be leaving the relative safety of Archet and moving to the slightly bustling village of Combe where you'll find tons of quests that should keep you busy to level 10 and beyond. Those quests will take you into Chetwood North, Staddle, Bree, Midgewater Marsh, and many other amazing places which will test your adventuring skill (and sometimes patience). From here on, the epic story line is optional (and more difficult). Completed it provides a wealth of experience and is well worth the time if you make it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016