Bilbo got bling...

Jewelers are the makers of fine wares for all the players in Lord of the Rings Online. These fine crafter's can create jewelry, potions, and scrolls that can aid the warriors of Middle-earth in their struggle against Sauron and the other dark forces of Mordor and Angmar.

To aid the Jewelers of Middle-earth in their constant strive to obtain crafting superiority, Ten Ton Hammer has updated its Jeweler recipe and crafting section. This section has been redesigned and broken down into tiers to make finding those certain recipes and their needed components a lot easier.

Jewelers craft items of great power using gems and precious metals. Their goods can enhance all classes and raise attributes to increase their efficiency in battle. This is a complete list of all the available recipes for this crafting profession.

It's all about the shinies at the jewelry guide at LotRO - Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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