The Black Book of Ettenmoor - Part 1: Introduction and Quests

Courtesy of Orc of the Nimrodel server, we have a great new guide up for you all today. Part 1 of the Black Book of Ettenmoor covers the races and classes of Angmar's forces and many of the quests found within the Ettenmoors.

Come closer, young traveler... so, you've heard of the might of the Dark Lord and wish to join his service, do you? Your mind is awash with visions of glory and dark power beyond your wildest dreams, no doubt. Banish those thoughts, worm! Sauron offers great power to those he deems worthy, but you have a long path ahead of you before you'll be tasting any real power. The life of a servant of Angmar is neither pleasant nor easy. You're likelier to wind up dead in a hole with some warrior's arrow through your eye than to lead the armies of Sauron into battle... but should you survive long enough, the rewards will be all you could ask for and far greater than you had ever imagined.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016