Arrrr you ready for an eyepatch?

Yesterday was the official Talk Like a Pirate Day, and with it came a new Lord of the Rings Online event. The good developers at Turbine have added in a little Piratey surprise in today's LoTRO patch: a side quest that we can all take part in and gain a few items to put you in a pirate mood. Seeing as we have no idea how long this little event will last, Martuk made this guide to help all you Pirate fans out there to gain your Pirate goods before they get lost at sea.

The good developers at Turbine brought us a little surprise with this new Pirate quest along the Brandywine river. These poor sailors were shipwrecked and now it is up to you to help them collect their lost goods and find their missing comrades, but you won't go unrewarded for your deeds. If you aid them in this task you will not earn great and powerful gear, but you can get a nice Pirates hat and eye patch. What more needs to be said?

Find out how to snag this salty swag at Ten Ton Hammer's LoTRO site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016