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This scenario takes place on a mountain top where a Blanche, a Pandaren Brewmaster, is attempting to make a very special type of brew.  This brew is her own special recipe called Boomer’s Brew which can only be produced with the aid of a lightning storm.  Once the brewing process is complete she needs to deliver the brew to the Thunderpaw Retreat.  Of course though, things have gone very wrong.

The scenario is made up of three separate stages that happen at three separate locations as shown on the map below.

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Stage 1: Make Boomer’s Brew

In this first stage you need to assist Blanche in making her Boomer’s Brew at the top of Thunderpaw Outlook.  Blanche stays in the centre of a ring of lightning rods and brew kegs.

Your assistance is required in two ways during this stage.  The first is in fending off the Sauroks that are assaulting the brew site, while the second is putting out the fires caused by the lightning strikes.

The Sauroks come in small waves and should be easy to handle unless you let too many of them stay alive for too long.  Make sure these are your priority so that you are not overwhelmed.  The fires are put out by simply clicking on the kegs that burst into flames.  With three players spread out around the circle of barrels and lightning rods you can easily keep them all out.

Throughout this and the two subsequent stages Brewmaster Blanche will assist you with healing.  Watch for her casting her Elixir of Replenishment which shill show up as a green area on the ground, make sure you stand in it as it restores both health and mana.

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Blanche helps out with healing with these Elixir of Replenishment rings.

Stage 2: Road to Thunderpaw

The second stage of the scenario takes place as you escort Blanche down from Thunderpaw Outlook along the mountain path and then up the next path to Thunderpaw Refuge.

Sauroks continue to assault you along the path in small groups, but again as long as you focus DPS and keep their numbers down they are fairly easy to defeat.

Stage 3: Save Thunderpaw Refuge

The third and final stage of the scenario is activated when you get to Thunderpaw Refuge. 

Here you need to defeat the leader of the Saurok attack, Borokhula the Destroyer and a group of smaller regular Sauroks.   Borokhula is a huge enemy that is immune to stuns and slows, in addition he has an AOE attack that knocks players back and a heavy hitting overhead smash called Swamp Smash.

A Brewing Storm – Scenario Achievements

There are 4 different achievements that can be earned in this scenario.

A Brewing Storm – Defeat Borokhula the Destroyer in a Brewing Storm.

This achievement is earned by finishing the scenario.

Don’t Shake the Keg – Defeat Borokhula the Destroyer in a Brewing Strom without getting hit by his Swamp Smash.

Swamp Smash is Borokhula’s large melee attack.  It has a 3 second cast and hits everyone within 20 yards.  This means you will need to either stay at range to avoid being hit, or interrupt it whenever it is cast.  If you are a melee player and want to get this achievement make sure you ask the players in the group that are ranged to help interrupt, it will make it much easier.

Party of Six – Finish a Brewing Storm with all six Thunderpaw Guardians still alive.

There are six Pandaren NPC’s in the Thunderpaw Refuge that need to be defended to earn this achievement.  The easiest way to defend them is to clear the Sauroks in the refuge before you talk to Blanche and have the boss summoned.  Once the boss is summoned more adds will appear, kill these before focusing on the boss, and make sure you keep the boss away from the Pandarens as well so that they are not hit by his smash attack.

The Perfect Pour – Brew the Boomer Brew without anyone in your party being hit by lightning during a Brewing Storm.

This achievement is earned in the first stage of the scenario as the Boomer’s Brew is being made.  All you need to do is what the lightning rods around the circle and move away from whichever one is about to be struck by lightning.  You can tell which one is next by watching for a blue flash around it as a warning, which comes about 3 seconds before the lighting strike.  Don’t be there when the lightning strikes and you are good.  The only difficulty with this achievement is that you need to rely on the other people in the group staying away from lightning as well.

Comments and other ways to earn the achievements

Listed above are our tips on earning the achivements in this scenario, there are many other ways to do them as well. Why don't you share your methods in our comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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