The Shado-Pan Clan are a new faction in the Mists of Pandaria expansion.  Of all the Pandaren they are the most forboding with a darker look and feel to them. The Shado-Pan Clan have protected the rest of the Pandarens from the Sha since the time of the last Emperor long ago. To do this they became the elite Pandaren warriors focused on a stealthy style of combat which comes across as a ninja cross with a samurai.

You meet up with one of the Shado-Pan very early in your visit to Pandaria when their leader Taran Zhu appears to you to warn you of the Sha's power in these lands. He then follows you through the zones interacting with you from time to time.

You will finally locate the Home of the Shado-Pan when you get into the 87+ level range and adventure into the Kun-Lai Summit where you will find the Shado-Pan Monastery. Here you will be able to learn even more about these enigmatic protectors of the land.

Getting to the Shado-Pan Daily Quests

There are several things to note before actually getting to earning reputation with the Shado-Pan Clan.

The first is that even though their main headquarters is the Shado-Pan Monastery you will find all of their daily quests and their quartermaster Rushi the Fox in the Townlong Steppes at the Shado-Pan Garrison.

The second is that you can not even attempt any of the daily quests to earn rep with them until you have gotten all the way to revered with the Golden Lotus in the Vale of the Eternal Blossoms. If you have not started grinding rep with the Golden Lotus, I suggest you start now. If you are unsure how to go about doing that, check out our Golden Lotus Reputation Guide.

Shado-Pan Daily Quests

Once you do gain access to the Shado-Pan daily quests there are a few NPC's that you should visit. They are Ban Bearheart, Ling of the Six Pools, and Master Snowdrift all of whom can be found at the Shado-Pan Garrison shown on the map below with the blue dot.

All of the dailies reward you with 250 reputation with the Shado-Pan, 5 Valor points, a lesser charm of good fortune, and some gold.

Ban will give you one set of dailies each day randomly selected from three different options. The quests here all take place on the northern island of Shan'ze Dao. Each set of dailies involves completing 4 quests that can be done all together and then a final quest against a daily boss. The three different quest sets are as follows:

Ban Bearheart Daily Quest Set #1

  • Bronze Claws, Grave Consequences, Illusions of the Past, The Mogu Menace
  • When the Dead Speak

Ban Bearheart Daily Quest Set #2

  • Egg Rescue, Little Hatchlings, The Mogu Menace, Spiteful Sprites
  • In Sprite of Everything

Ban Bearheart Daily Quest Set #3

  • Born Free, Dark Arts, The Mogu Menace, Onyx Hearts
  • Riding the Storm

Ling of the Six Pools offers up several quests that focus on the Mantid on the island of Sra'vess to the west. Ling initially provides 4 quests, and then once they are completed another that has you fight a daily boss. You will be given the following quests:

Ling of the Six Pools Daily Quests

  • The Bigger they Come, Destroy the Siege Weapons, Sra'vess Wetwork and either of: Fumigation or A Morale Victory
  • Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Swarmlord or Target of Opportunity: Sra'thik Hivelord

Master Snowdrift offers up a set of daily quests as well that deal with the Yaungol to the north on the mainland by the coast. Like all the other Shado-Pan quest givers, he supplies 4 initial quests and then a final daily boss quest. The quests are as follows:

Master Snowdrift Daily Quests

  • Assault Deadtalker's Plateau, Assault Fire Camp Gai-Cho, The Enemy of My Enemy... Is Still My Enemy, and Spirit Dust
  • Uruk!

As you are probably learning by now, there are a massive number of daily quests to work through for all the various factions in Mists of Pandaria. The Shado-Pan alone offer 15 daily quests that can be completed for reputation. Start on them as soon as possible so that you can make your way to exalted.

Shado-Pan Reputation Rewards

OK, on to the question everyone wants answered at this point, why should you grind reputation with the Shado-Pan?  What is in it for you?

Well first of all, the key thing that everyone will want is a cool Shado-Pan hat, after all the hat makes the man (or the woman). The hat, or actually helmet, is not available until you get all the way to exalted rep with them, but it is well worth it. It is a helmet that can be used to transmute so that you can have any other helm look like a Shado-Pan helm. Also at exalted are some really cool Shado-Pan tiger mounts, but again, its all about the head fashion.

Assuming for some odd reason that you are not into hats, then don't start panicking, there are many other rewards that are worth getting through the reputation levels for. Their quartermaster Rushi the Fox can be found in the Townlong Steppes at the Shado-Pan Garrison to check out all the options.

You can start getting reputation rewards from the Shado-Pan when you are neutral with them. At this level you can get several different rings, mail or plate gloves, leather legs, cloth chests, or a DPS trinket. All of the items are sold for justice points and range in cost from 1250 to 2250 points each and are ilevel 458 rare items. When you get to honored you open up the option to purchase your choice of epic ilevel 489 cloaks for 1250 valor points. There are five different ones and should be something to suit everyone.

Once you hit Revered you get to the most important items, more hats! Well, and trinkets. This time though they are epic ilevel 489 hats and trinkets, and the helmets have meta sockets as well. The trinkets cost 1750 valor points and the helmets cost 2250 valor points. There are lots of options for both items and they are the that you can get outside of a regular raid. That means that if you are a player that just does LFR groups and does not have a full our raiding guild that you below to, the Shado-Pan are your best bet for Helms and Trinkets as the LFR drops are ilevel 483.

Earning Reputation Faster

There are a few ways to gain reputation faster than normal with factions in Pandaria that can help you save time in the game.

The first way to gain reputation faster requires you to be working on reputation with any secondary characters that you have (or a primary that is at least revered). Once one character gets to revered with a faction you gain the ability to purchase an item from them called a Grand Commendation. This item allows you to earn double reputation with that faction on this and all other characters that you have. It is an awesome speed boost to earning rep, and one that you should make sure you grab as soon as you hit revered with each faction. It cuts that last 21,000 reputation required to get to Exalted down to half. The fact that it speeds up all other characters sure doesn't hurt either.

The second way to earn reputation faster is to champion a faction while running LFG dungeon runs and scenarios each day. This feature was added into the game with Patch 5.2. This feature is especially handy if you have gotten sick of doing dailies for various factions. You can select a faction to champion and you will get 200 reputation with them for the first scenario you complete each day and 300 reputation with them for the first LFG random dungeon that you run each day. Over time this 500 points each day really adds up. If you team this up with a character that already has a Grand Commendation, it means you can get from revered to exalted in 10 days just with scenario and dungeon runs. Not to shabby.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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