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The Iron Garrison: serious business.

The Iron Garrison takes a person's reputation seriously. They
are the governing force of Moria, and are organized into two
divisions: the Guards and the Miners. In terms of character
development, it is more important to get to Kindred standing
with the Iron Garrison Guards, as they are the guys who sell the
legendary capstone trait books.

Reputation traders can be found in many of the Moria quest
hubs, and both factions use the same rep items to increase

style="color: rgb(255, 255, 204);">ITEM style="color: rgb(255, 255, 204);">EXCHANGE
Broken Engraving 10 : 300
Cracked Etching 10 : 500
Crystal Lamp Fragment 1 : 700
Durin Figurine 1 : 900
Uncut Moria-adamant 1 : 1,200

The first three items in this list are mob drops. The Durin
Figurine and Uncut Moria-adamant are uncommon items that are
earned through quests or rarely found in gift boxes.

There are no craftable reputation items for the Iron Garrison,
but players can earn standing by killing mobs in any of the
Moria instances, and most quests in Moria have a reputation
reward in addition to the normal rewards. Different instances
will grant standing with different factions. As a general rule
of thumb, whenever you reclaim lost treasure, you gain standing
with the Miners. When you drive evil from the halls to reclaim
an area, you gain standing with the Guards.

Iron Garrison Guards vendors offer the following items for

Traveller's Scone Acquaintance Level 30 3s 52c
Strawberry Scone Recipe Friend Artisan Cook 15s
Iron Guard's Shoes (light armour) Acquaintance Level 51 34s 16c
Iron Guard's Feet (medium) 37s 16c
Iron Guard's Boots 44s 64c
Guard's Buckler Friend Level 53 152s
Guard's Gold Ring
Guard's Silver Ring
Guard's Heavy Shield
Guard's Medium Shield (Warden)
Guard's Charm Ally Level 55 155s 20c
Guard's Trinket
The Path Less Trod (Warden Legendary) Kindred Level 58 2g 500s
The Master of the Charge (Captain Legendary)
A Guide to the Quiet Knife (Burlgar Legendary)
The Verses of the North (Minstrel Legendary)
The Jolly Hunter (Hunter Legendary)
A Keen Blade (Guardian Legendary)
On the Patterns of Wind and Rain (Rune-keeper Legendary)
The Book of Nature (Lore-master Legendary)
The Boiling Rage (Champion Legendary)

The Iron Garrison Miners vendors offer the following items for

Iron Miner's Gloves (light) Acquaintance Level 51 34s 54c
Iron Miner's Hands (medium) 37s 36c
Iron Miner Gauntlet (heavy) 44s 64c
Cape of the Iron Garrison Kindred Level 57 38s 40c
Mantle of the Iron Garrison
Cloak of the Iron Garrison
Muster in the Twenty-first Hall (Warden skill) Acquaintance Level 56 152s
Guide to the Twenty-first Hall (Hunter skill)
Miner's Iron Earring Friend Level 53 152s
Miner's Steel Earring
Miner's Trinket Ally Level 55 155s 20c
Miner's Charm
Tame Redhorn-goat (+32% speed, 100 morale)1 Friend Riding 5g 20s
Nimble Redhorn-goat (+62% speed, 250 morale)2 Kindred 6g 24s

1 - Despite the fact that you need a goat to ride
around in Moria, this goat is a colossal waste of money. Do not

2 - This goat is more expensive than the Thorin's
Hall Prized goat, which is easier to get and works just fine in

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016