Nalorakk will be the first boss you’ll want to fight and is considered one of the easier bosses in Zul’Aman and has the added bonus of being right at the entrance (he’ll be visible once you zone in a bit). So you’ll want to take him His battle is rather easy and you generally have to focus on just killing him in his troll form and when he changes forms you’ll want to taunt him.


During the entire battle he has…

Brutal Swipe: Hits two players.

In phase one (Troll Form) he has…

Mangle: Double damage from bleed effects.
Surge: A skill that emulate Charge. Does between 1,500 damage (to a tank) and 4,000 damage (to a caster in cloth).

In phase two (Bear Form) he has…

Lacerating Slash: You bleed for 1,735 damage every 2 seconds for 18 seconds.
Rend Flesh: You bleed for 2,335 damage every 1 second for 5 seconds.
Deafening Roar: Does about 1,300 damage and silences you for two seconds.


You’ll need to fight three waves of trash mobs as Nalorakk continues to retreat backwards. Once you’ve defeated all of the trash you’ll be able to take on Nalorakk himself. The battle is very simple. For phase one (Troll Form) you’ll want to have a tank taunt Nalorakk while the raid continues to DPS him down. The second he enters phase two (Bear Form) simply have your off-tank use Taunt and continue the battle. He’ll switch between each phase one and phase two so you’ll want to continue to taunt him whenever he switches.

The reason you’ll switch tanks is because the troll form has Mangle which makes bleed effects do double damage. Bear form has bleed effects (lots of them). So you’re going to be looking at a lot of damage if a tank has mangle and is tanking the bear form. This fight can be reset by running out of the area so if you find yourself in a situation where a tank is dead just have the raid run down the stairs.

The troll form is an important form for your healers because he doesn’t do nearly as much damage as in bear form. This means that all of the healers in the raid will want to conserve as much mana as they can. Being a ten man raid instance you’ll probably have very few healers so it’s important that they are ready for a very long and enduring fight.

The raid should position itself by simple spreading out. This will reduce any damage from him charging someone and then activating his cleave. The tanks should stand together to absorb his cleave which can deal a lot of spike damage.

That’s pretty much it for this fight. To rehash the major points of the fight: two tanks, taunt whenever he switches forms. Everyone spread out and conserve mana for a relatively long fight.

After this fight you’re free to go to any of the other three “Loas” bosses.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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