Nereids are a saltwater Nymph, historically located in the Mediterranean Sea. There were said to be 50 of them, and all were quite helpful to sailors when savage storms loomed. They are also considered to be part of Neptune's retinue.

Clearly, combat with these creatures should be avoided lest you invite the wrath of Neptune. Should you need a reminder of what Neptune's wrath is like, remember well what happened in the Dunes of Camars, and to the city of Clevsin. However, most of the ones inhabiting Pravus Coves will have to be dealt with as they are extremely hostile. While we won't have Neptune's blessing to destroy this group, I am sure doing so will not invite his wrath. Just make sure you're killing the right ones as there are some that mean us no harm there.

Type Water Creature
Where Found Pravus Coves
Health Range ???????
Armor ???????
Strong Against ???????
Weak Against ???????
Special Abilities ???????

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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