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So you want to ride a Netherdrake?

With Patch 2.1 comes a quest line of epic proportions. And rightly so, for at the end of this quest line (or reputation gain, rather) you will receive the epic mount of all epic mounts - the Netherdrake! There are actually two types of Netherdrake mounts available. We will be focusing on the unarmoured, normal Netherdrake. The armored Netherdrake is an arena award. The normal Netherdrake is available through a reputation grind with the Netherwing faction.

These quests are now only available on the Public Test Realm. Therefore, there is a chance that things may change with the release of Patch 2.1. This guide will be updated to any changes.

Starting out

To begin, you must have a riding skill of 300 and a flying mount (flight form doesn't seem to count, at least in the public test realm, sorry druids).

You begin by speaking with Mordenai in Netherwing Fields (southeast corner of Shadowmoon Valley). He will send you on a chain of quests designed to get you neutral with the Netherwing faction.

After you are neutral, he will talk to you about infiltrating the Dragonmaw Army. He will then send you to speak with Overlord Mor'ghor, the leader of the Dragonmaw. He is located at Netherwing Ledge.

Life as a Fel Orc

You will change in appearance when you get close to the camp. This is because you are working as a spy now. This spell, which changes you into a fel orc and your mount into a netherdrake, will cause all of the fel orcs to become friendly to you. It is only in effect in the vicinity of Netherwing Ledge.

Once you arrive and speak with Overlord Mor'ghor, he puts you to work by sending you to get tasks from Taskmaster Varkule Dragonbreath.

This is where the new quest types come into play. The majority of the quests available for reputation gains with the Netherwing faction are daily quests. They will have the tag (Daily) beside the quest title in your quest log. These quests can be repeated, but you can only do them once a day. Likewise, you can only complete a maximum of 10 daily quests in one day.

The quests you receive from the Taskmaster vary by your professions. Herbalists will be required to collect 40 netherdust pollens from the netherdust bushes found around the area while miners are required to mine 40 nethercite ore in the deposits found in the area. Skinners will be asked for 40 Nethermine Flayer Hides. Only one of the three gathering quests may be completed each day. Players without a gathering profession will receive a quest to gather crystals from the bodies of mobs they have killed.

Standing near the Taskmaster you will see the goblin Yarzill the Merc. He is your guy on the inside. He gives you more daily quests to help increase your reputation.

His quests include poisoning the peon camps, collecting Netherwing relics, and finding Netherwing Eggs (these can drop from any creature or item node on the ledge).

When you get your reputation with Netherwing to friendly, you will have more quests available. The majority of these will be daily also. You can also continue the earlier repeatable quests.

These new quests include things like disciplining 20 dragonmaw peons, collecting cargo from a mine, and killing a number of certain mobs. You will also receive a combat pet trinket that will summon a combat pet while in Shadowmoon Valley. This trinket can be upgraded along the way.

Do these new quests until you reach honored reputation. Now you will have more quests available to you (starting to see a pattern yet?). Your combat pet will be upgraded so that you can summon a combat pet in all zones.

These new quests include things like gathering materials to build a cannon, killing a number of mobs in Twilight Ridge in Nagrand, and particpate in a race where things are thrown at you to make you lose.

At revered reputation, you will be able to get another daily quest where you get to lead a battle. You will also receive another upgrade to your trinket that adds 45 stamina.

Repeat until you become exalted, at which time you will be discovered as a spy (by no less than Illidan himself), saved by your merc friend, and given your netherdrake as a quest reward. There are five colors available for you to pick from. If you want a different color later, you can purchase a different netherdrake for 200g at the basecamp on Netherwing Ledge. The colors are azure, cobalt, onyx, purple, veridian, and violet (there are only five available with the quest turn-in, the extra color can only be bought).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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