This is page three of our Netherwing (Nether Drake) Reputation Guide. The following is a detailed look at how to complete the various quests for the Netherwing faction!

Honored to Revered

You get an upgrade to your trinket that allows you to summon the combat pet in ALL zones and you open up one more daily quest AND get a ton more one time completable quests to ramp up your reputation really well.
Taskmaster Varukle

  1. Stand Tall, Captain!: Varukle has you see Mor’ghor again and then gives you the [Captain’s Badge].


  • Disrupting the Twilight Portal: Kill 20 Deathsadow Agents at the “The Twilight Ridge” which is located in Nagrand. This is the only new daily.

Reth’hedron the Subduer Quest Line

  1. Seek out Illidari Lord Balthas and pick up “The Soul Cannon of Reth’hedron”. Collect 2 [Felsteel Bar]s , 1 [Adamantite Frame], 1 [Khorium Power Core], and 1 [Flawless Arcane Essence]. The one thing you may have trouble with is the essence which is droped from Sar’this at the Lake Jorune in Terokkar Forest (near Stonebreaker Hold).
  2. Subduing the Subduer: Head out to Twilight Ridge in Nagrand and drain the life of Reth’hedron with the cannon you made earlier.

Flying Mount Racing Quests

  1. Earning Your Wings…: Ja’y Nosilw wants you to race each of the riders outside of town. You basically mount up and fly behind them avoiding the things they throw at you (ranging from bombs to magic). Really simple, except for the last one. The quests give 500 rep each and the last one gives 1000. The quests are:
  2. Dragonmaw Race: The Ballad of Oldie McOld: Murg “Oldie” Muckjaw
  3. Dragonmaw Race: Trope the Filth-Belcher: Trope the Filfth-Belcher
  4. Dragonmaw Race: Corlok the Vet: Corlok the Vet
  5. Dragonmaw Race: Wing Commander Ichman: Wing Commander Ichman
  6. Dragonmaw Race: Wing Commander Mulverick: Wing Commander Mulverick
  7. Dragonmaw Race: Captain Skyshatter: Captain Skyshatter who after defeating him gives you a [Skybreaker Whip] which increases mount speed by 10% (trinket).

Revered to Exalted

Your trinket is upgraded again and you get one more daily quest that involves a group.

Taskmaster Varkule

  1. Hail, Commander!: You are sent after Mor’ghor once more and this time you are given the [Commander’s Badge] as another trinket upgrade.


  1. Kill Them All!: You are given a [Dragonmaw Flare Gun] which then allows you to summon a group of dragons to attack the Scryer or Aldor base depending on who you are allied with. For Aldor you seek out the Aldors and for the Scryer you seek out the Scryer.
  • The Deadliest Trap Ever Laid: Given by your side, you are given one elite NPC (the one you must defend) and a group dragons and have to defend them from other dragons who want to kill you. You’ll want a few players with you. When you are finished you are given a medal to take back to Morghor who will then credit you the reputation.

From Revered to Exalted is a LONG time. This quest is very difficult, time consuming, and will take much patience to get through. If you have the courage to continue through then we wish you the best of luck in your journies.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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