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Ten Ton Hammer offers a new guide to the undead home city: Undercity. Home of the Forsaken, Azeroth's freethinking undead carved Undercity out of the ruins of the once-majestic city Lordaeron.Ten Ton Hammer's latest city guide offers a detailed map, background info, and quest information to help you feel at home in the bustling necropolis.

"Lady Sylvanas continued Arthas's building project in the crypts beneath Lordaeron. Though newcomers might be initially confused by the city's architecture, it's actually fairly logical. The city is divided into quarters- the War Quarter (which houses warrior & priest trainers and the accoutrements of battle), the Mage's Quarter (where mages and warlocks study the arcane and purchase their wares), the Rogue's Quarter (where pickpockets ply their trade), the Royal Quarter (the well defended seat of Forsaken power), which lies beath the apothecarium (the attention the Forsaken give to creating a new plague cause the living among the Horde much anxiety).

The sixth and central area is the Trade Quarter (yep, there's more than four quarters - which means that Undercity offers a rich playing experience... har har), where you can find all manner of goods plus the bank and mailbox."

Check out the WoW @ TenTon Hammer Guide to the Undercity, we may even get the Undercity Guardians to spill their guts!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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