Be the best Hero that you can be on Hollywood.

Any Hero can have success on this map, but the following are almost always strong picks. 

  • Bastion - Attack - Can have some success on Point A, but there are better choices after it is lost. 
  • D.Va - Attack - A great disruptor due there being so much vertical space. 
  • Lucio and Mercy - Attack and Defense - They are excellent choices no matter where you are or which way you are going on this map. 
  • Mei - Defense - Great on Point A and again once you get inside the final building.  There are better choices in the outdoor section. 
  • Pharah and Reaper - Attack - Both have excellent mobility and can take out turrets or Bastions on the way. 
  • Symmetra - Defense - Her teleporter can save the day on Point A.  Proper use of sentries can slow down the Attackers here as well. Other than that, avoid her. 
  • Torbjorn - Defense - Again, good on Point A.  Avoid after that. 
  • Zarya - Attack and Defense - A solid choice as a secondary tank. 

Weak attackers will stall out at Point A.   Rarely, if ever, is the Payload stopped before the final push through the building to its destination though.   Stall, slow and do what you can, but don't expect to win outright before the final push.   

Attackers need to curb their enthusiasm for the kill and stay with the Payload.   It's a long push and with the outdoor section allowing for Pharah, Genji and the other vertically mobile Heroes to excel any time spent chasing is probably wasted. 

All in all the game is usually won or lost at either Point A or the final destination.     

Cynical Nerds have an excellent video guide to this map.


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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2016

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