Be the best Hero that you can be on Route 66. 

Any Hero can have success on this map, but the following are more often than not, strong picks. 

  • Reinhardt - Attack and Defense
  • Mercy - Attack and Defense
  • Lucio - Attack and Defense
  • Roadhog - Defense
  • D.Va - Attack
  • Torbjorn - Defense (until first point is broken)
  • Bastion - Defense (until first point is broken)
  • Soldier: 76 Attack and Defense
  • Mei - Defense once inside the last building
  • Pharah - Attack and Defense (before the last building)
  • Zarya - Attack and Defense

In its early days Route 66 was a clash of styles.  The payload would almost always be pushed quickly to the last point where it would bog down and often stall.    Times have changed and rarely is a payload not sent to its destination.   

The first point is often blockaded by Torbjorn and Bastion, but once they are broken down the route becomes relatively easy pickings for the Attacking team up until they enter the final building.   A concerted push is required to reach the destination as the Defending team spawns almost on top of the final point.   Running in one at a time on Attack is a recipe for a loss.    

Mercy is an excellent support choice for this final push.   Reinhardt is an excellent tank choice.   

Cynical Nerds have an excellent video guide to this map.  

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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2016

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