Reinhardt is one of the strongest Tanks in Overwatch. His ability to deal close quarters damage combined with his invaluable shielding and charge make him, more often than not, first choice. With some ranged poke thanks to Fire Strike, as well as an Ultimate ability that can single-handedly change an entire fight, he’s incredibly strong.

What makes Reinhardt particularly powerful is not just durability but his Barrier Field. Allowing him to protect his team while absorbing a significant amount of damage, Reinhardt is a damage sponge that can push forwards while allowing his team to remain unharmed. It’s this mitigation, combined with his Ultimate, that makes him so sought after. No other Tank can withstand such punishment and considering the cooldown on his Barrier is so generous, he’s rarely without it.

Due to the fact Reinhardt has his Barrier active for such long periods, he’s incredibly reliant on his team to deal damage and capitalize on his front-line presence. If he’s left to fend for himself, he can quickly be brought down and although he can comfortably 1 on 1 many Heroes (especially if he Charges them) there’s still a need for him to roam with his team.

Updated: 11 July 2017



His Barrier Field is incredible for offensive and defensive play A slow playstyle
Charge is invaluable at instantly killing low health Heroes Quite passive due to his constant need to hold up his Barrier Field
His Ultimate ability can cause chaos for the enemy team He’s there to be a sponge, not to top the kill charts
Has some poke potential with Fire Strike Fire Strike is easily avoided from afar
Pretty much mandatory for most compositions

You can easily kill yourself with Charge if you’re not careful by falling off the map


Over thirty years ago, Overwatch was founded to counter the threat of the robot uprisings around the world. Reinhardt, a highly decorated German soldier, was inducted as part of the original Overwatch strike team that put an end to the Omnic Crisis. After the conflict's resolution, Overwatch grew into a global institution, keeping the peace in a war-torn world. Reinhardt proved himself to be one of its most stalwart champions.

Reinhardt's unique ethics and larger-than-life persona earned the admiration of his peers and superiors alike. Never afraid to speak his mind, he was Overwatch's most vocal supporter and, when necessary, its harshest critic, providing a constant reminder that Overwatch was meant to be a force for good.  He got on well with Torbjörn (who maintained his armor). At some point he was stationed at Watchpoint: Gibraltar, where he got a tan.

Having served into his late fifties, Reinhardt was faced with mandatory retirement from combat operations. Despondent about being removed from active duty, Reinhardt feared that his days of purpose and glory had ended. As times grew darker and Overwatch came under suspicion of corruption and sedition, Reinhardt could only watch as the cause he had dedicated his life to defending surrendered in disgrace.

One year prior to its disbandanment, Overwatch's Swiss headquarters was destroyed, apparently killing John Morrison in the blast. Reinhardt spoke fondly of his former commander at his memorial service.

Though Overwatch was eventually disbanded, Reinhardt was not content to sit idly by while the world fell to disorder. Once again donning his Crusader armor, he vowed to fight for justice across Europe like a knight of old, defending the innocent and winning hearts and minds with the promise of better days to come. In this he was accompanied by Brigitte, who helped maintain his armor. The pair would get into numerous scraps.

At some point he was present in King's Row, where he protected omnics and their sympathizers from rioters.



Rocket Hammer - Allowing Reinhardt to swing once every second and deal damage in a large arc to anyone in its path, Rocket Hammer's range is further than that of a normal melee weapon. With how slow it swings, you can’t really afford to miss. However, if you do make contact, it’ll deal 75 damage. Considering it can hit multiple foes, a couple of swings can kill low health Heroes with ease. It's also important to note that if you're swinging your Rocket Hammer, your Barrier Field isn't held aloft and you'll be vulnerable to spike damage. 


Barrier Field - Reinhardt projects projects a broad, forward-facing energy shield, which can absorb substantial damage before it is destroyed. You need to actively maintain the shield and withdrawing from damage, lowering the Barrier, allows it to replenish. At 225 health per second while down, it doesn’t take Reinhardt very long to renew his Field Barrier. Due to that, constantly raising and lowering it while behind cover allows you to keep it ready and fully charged. Just be aware that Barrier Field only blocks attacks from the front - you’re still vulnerable from above and behind unless you turn or angle the shield.


Charge - When activated Charge allows Reinhardt to propel himself forwards by triggering his rocket boots. Although he gains massive amounts of speed during this time, he has very little control over his directional movement. As such, he’ll charge forwards and the first player he impacts against will take damage. Upon further impact with terrain, that individual will then take massive damage. Effectively, you want to ensure that when your Charge at someone that you can pin them against the scenery.


Fire Strike - Using Flame Strike allows Reinhardt to fire a projectile straight forwards. The projectile is capable of passing through players and barriers, so can be particularly effective against another Reinhardt or Winston. Due to the fact it doesn’t move overly quickly, it’s best used in corridors or close quarters to ensure it hits as many players as possible. As there’s no damage fall off, it can also be used to kill a perched Hanzo or Widowmaker who might not be aware of you.


Earthshatterer (Ultimate) - Activating your Ultimate ability will cause Reinhardt to smash his hammer down on the ground. Anyone in its radius will be knocked down and stunned. For several seconds those affected by Earthshatter will be unable to move or use skills, allowing you to freely swing your hammer at them. It’s also an optimal time for your team to utilise their offensive Ultimate abilities (Pharah can be particularly deadly in this moment) in order to wipe them. Be aware that Earthshatterer requires line of sight so if Reinhardt cannot see a player upon its use, they won’t be affected.

Ability Fire Rate Cast Time Duration Cooldown/Reload Shield Damage Range
Rocket Hammer 1 swing/s - - - - 75 5m
Barrier Field - - - 5s after being broken 2000 - -
Charge - 0.7s 3s 10s - 50 55m
Fire Strike - 0.6s - 6s - 100 -
Earth Shatter - 0.6s 2.5s - - 50 20m


Unlike Roadhog or Winston, Reinhardt only has one ranged attack and needs to drop his Field Barrier to use it. This makes him not only reliant on his team, but ensures that his only combat viability is when he eventually reaches the enemy.

As the damage sponge you should always have your Field Barrier active, pushing towards an objective or accompanying a Payload. Although you can withstand huge amounts of punishment when your Field Barrier is active, it will eventually fail under continued fire at which point it will be on cooldown for 3 seconds. If you can, try to weave your ways towards the enemy by using terrain and restoring your Field Barrier’s health once you’re safely behind cover.

Unsurprisingly and due to the functionality of Field Barrier - allied players can fire out but enemies can’t fire in - Reinhardt pairs exceptionally well with Bastion and Torbjorn. He can position himself in front of either Sentry or Turret and hold us his Field Barrier. Both Heroes will then be fully protected, able to deal damage freely. It’s an exceptional combo and if you throw Mercy into the mix, it’s near impossible to take down.

Finally and in general, Reinhardt is an exceptional tank. His hardiness combined with his Field Barrier is invaluable for any team composition. If you can also master his offensive capabilities with Charge and Fire Strike, he’s a huge threat when he drops his defences.


Heroes listed here are particularly challenging for Reinhardt. While those listed can still be killed, they pose a particularly difficult challenge for him so be sure to take extra care. 

Reinhardt Is Weak Against


Reaper: His Hellfire Shotguns can rip you apart in seconds and he can often stay back just enough to remain out of reach of your hammer. He's also able to glide through your barrier thanks to his Wraith Form.


Pharah: Her ranged poke and aerial mobility will always be a problem for Reinhardt as he has no means of defending himself from above. Pharah can also fly over him and if Reinhardt does turn to defend against her, he leaves himself vulnerable from the opposite side. 


Bastion: Only because of the fact he can rip through your Field Barrier in seconds is why Bastion is here. If he's boosted by Mercy, you'll die incredibly quickly.  8/10
Tracer: Her mobility allows Tracer to quickly loop around Reinhardt while dealing damage. If he's being healed, he can survive her. However, if Tracer has her Ultimate or catches him by himself he'll take serious damage.  8/10
McCree: You won't see this often but good McCree players are capable of throwing his Flashback just at the top of Reinhardt's Field Barrier. If done right this can stun him, allowing McCree to quickly fan his pistol and deal massive close range damage.  7/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Reinhardt play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. You're one of the strongest Tanks in the game due to your Field Barrier. If you have Lucio with you, you're gaurenteed to cause the enemy team problems just by holding up your Field Barrier and moving forwards towards them. 

2. You can slightly angle your Field Barrier based on where you're looking, unfortunately you can't hold it above your head. You can cover slight angles above you, however. 

3. Remember that you can swing your hammer before quickly using Fire Strike. This will cancel the animation and allow for a fast release and an excellent close-quarter spike. 

4. The range on your primary attack is deceptively long. In close quarter environments it's easy to hit multiple foes without extending too far. 

5. Reinhardt doesn't build his Ultimate too quickly, unless he's in close quarters due to the fact he doesn't hit players as often as other Heroes. Once your Ultimate is charged, don't waste it. 

6. Only use Charge if you can be certain you'll pin an enemy player. You can't stop once you're rocketting forwards and you could be left out of position. 

7. Reinhardt replenishes his Field Barrier by not using it. It heals at 225 health per second when recovering, so be sure to keep it at its maximum of 2000 health as often as possible. 

8. Having your Barrier destroyed will see it go on a 3 second cooldown. Drop it before it does. 

9. Fire Strike can be great at taking down Torbjorn Turrets or Bastion in Sentry form. The fact they can't move makes them easy targets. 

10. If defending, always protect your team's Bastion. He can do ridiculous damage to the enemy with you holding your Field Barrier in front of him. If you can, encourage your team to also pickup a Mercy to boost Bastions damage. 

11. If you can't Firestrike Junkrat's Riptire you can do a 180 degree turn with your shield up to at least prevent your teammates from dying.  You are going to die anyway.... limit the damage. 

12. If you glide to end of your Charge without hitting a wall you can instantly use your Earth Shatter.

13. Your job is to take and control space.  Let the DPS do the damage.  Protect them and create space for your team. 

14. On Dorado, plug the choke under the first bridge rather than moving out into the street.   You will have far more success than exposing your team in the open roadway as inviting as it is on this map. 

15. Recharge your shield at every opportunity.  There is little use in holding up a 1000HP shield when nobody is able to fire at your team. 

16. Use the Payload and other cover to mitigate the damage that your shield takes. 

17. Use Firestrike sparingly if you have your ultimate fully charged.  You will only be feeding the enemy support ultimates by plinking 100 HP off an opponent. 

18. Your job is to create space for your team.  Standing still in a choke while on offense is a recipe for disaster.   Take as much space as your opponent gives you and that your team will claim.  

19. Play off your team composition.  Soldier, McCree, Roadhog and Bastion all play to Reinhardt's strengths.  Pharah, Tracer and Genji do not. 

20. Using Earthshatter on one player to stop Genji or Soldier's Ultimate is not only OK, it's encouraged. 

21. You can Cancel Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer animation by throwing up barrier shield during the swing. This can allow you to get your shield up faster.

22, Charge shouldn’t always be used to engage into a fight. You can’t adjust your course once Charging and it can cause you real problems by putting you out of position.

23. Reinhardt can quickly cast Fire Strike after he swings his hammer to deal close quarter burst damage. The Fire Strike cast immediately after a swing will cancel your melee animation, allowing for the dual attack.

24. Try to always use Earthshatterer on as many players as possible, where there isn’t cover. Landing your Ultimate ability in an open space allows your team to freely and easily damage them while they’re down.

25. If a fight is going badly and you want to disengage, turn around and use Charge to boost away. It’s a guaranteed escape if there’s space to zip forwards.

Skins, Emotes, Victory Poses and Voice Lines




Classic 0 Common
Brass 75 Rare
Cobalt 75 Rare
Copper 75 Rare
Viridian 75 Rare
Bundeswehr 250 Epic
Coldhardt 250 Epic
Paragon 250 Epic
Balderich 1000 Legendary
Blackhardt 1000 Legendary
Bloodhardt 1000 Legendary
Greifhardt 1000 Legendary
Lionhardt 1000 Legendary
Stonehardt 1000 Legendary
Wujing 1000 Legendary
Heroic 0 Common
Flex 250 Epic
Kneel 250 Epic
Pumpkin Smash 250 Epic
Taunt 250 Epic
Uproarius 250 Epic
Warrior's Salute 250 Epic
Victory Pose    
Heroic 0 Common
Confident 75 Rare
Flex 75 Rare
Legendary 75 Rare
R.I.P. 75 Rare
Toast 75 Rare
Voice Line    
100% German Power 25 Common
Are You Afraid? 25 Common
Are You Chicken? 25 Common
Bring Me Another 25 Common
Catch Phrase! 25 Common
Crusader Online 25 Common
Crushing Machine 25 Common
German Engineering 25 Common
Honor And Glory 25 Common
I Salute You 25 Common
Respect Your Elders 25 Common
Smashing 25 Common
Show You How It's Done 25 Common
This Old Dog 25 Common
You're On My Naughty List 25 Common
Highlight Intro    
Heroic 0 Common
Random 0 Common
Charge 250 Epic
Hammer Down 250 Epic
More Stretching Required 250 Epic

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