Blizzard implemented the ability to transfer your character from one server to another of your choosing, for a fee, a little over a year ago. Since then, this service has seen quite a bit of use, and many may be wondering how it works and what they may expect from it. We have added this guide in order to shed some light on this service!

The paid character transfer service allows you to move characters from one realm to another, or in special cases, from one account to another, provided you meet certain special restrictions.

To transfer your character, you must first check if the realm you want to go into is available or not. Generally, you may transfer to low, recommended, or medium populated realms, but high realms may not be available due to the high population they have.

It is also important to remember that you cannot transfer from a PvE server to a PvP server, but you can definitely transfer from a PvP server to a PvE server, knowing you will never be able to transfer back to PvP once you do.

Another restriction you might bump into is that the realm is too new to allow transfers - new realms (180 days) do not accept transfers until that timeframe has passed.

Finally, there may be free migrations to your selected realm, as part of Blizzard's efforts to balance out the population, not letting you go from another realm that wasn't specified in the free migrations promotion.


The cost you face to transfer your character from one realm to another is 25 USD - you may pay this through American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa cards online.

Account-to-Account Transfers

Should you want to change some characters from one account to the other, you must first ensure that both accounts you have list you as the subscriber. Generally, Blizzard will check for your last name to verify this. It is not condoned by Blizzard to give characters to friends, guild mates, or family, even though the last ones will be hard to monitor.

You may not use this feature if a character is inside a locked, suspended, or banned account.

If you have an expansion account and would like your character in a non-expansion account, it is not possible. However, if you want to transfer a character from a non-expansion account to an expansion account, it is possible.


Your character's mailbox and auctions must be completely clear before that character may be transferred

If your character is the guild leader of a guild you must pass leadership to someone else before you can transfer - you are not able to transfer while you have Guild Master status

Your character will be locked while the process of transfer goes through, if you try to login before they notify you, you run the risk of your transfer not going through.

If you're logged in during the transfer, it may delay your transfer.

Character Restrictions

The character must be atleast level 10
Gold limit:
Levels 10-30: 300 gold
Levels 31-50: 1000 gold
Levels 51-69: 5000 gold
Level 70: 10000 gold

Free Transfers

Every now and then, Blizzard will open the possibility for you to transfer to a new low population realm for free, if you're on a high population realm. Usually, this will happen to a few servers at a time, in an attempt to balance out the population, and generally don't last long. If you're on a high population realm and wish you could be elsewhere, keep an eye out for Blizzard's announcements on Free Transfers.

Miscellaneous Questions

What if my character's name is already taken in the new realm?

You will be prompted to change your name if the game detects any characters with your name in the new realm. This will happen the first time you log in to your new server.

Can I change my race or appearance?

No, you can not, everything will be the same

How long does it have to be before I can transfer again?

Currently, you must wait 30 days for the transfer to be available again - you will also need to pay 25 USD once more to do so.

Do I retain my honor and PvP gear?

Yes, you do retain full honor and Arena points, as well as your gear.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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