Paladin Achievement Points Tree





Enhance: Holy Aid - Hastens casting speed and
reduces power cost of Holy Aid and its upgrades
Enhance: Intercept - Hastens the reuse speed of
Intervene and its upgrades
Enhance: Holy Circle - Increases the damage of
Holy Circle and its upgrade
Enhance: Faith Strike - Increases the heal amount of
Faith Strike and its upgrades
Enhance: Demonstration of Faith - Hastens the reuse speed of
Demonstration of Faith and its upgrades
Enhance: Divine Inspiration - Increases the trigger
chance of Divine Inspiration and its upgrades
Enhance: Righteousness- Righteousness and its
upgrade become more effective at reducing your opponents' Divine
Enhance: Crusade - Increases the wisdom
granted by Crusade and its upgrades
Enhance: Prayer of Healing - Reduces the power cost
and hastens casting speed of Prayer of Healing and its upgrades
Raid Armament - As an alternative to Pledge of
Armament, Raid Armament increases the physical mitigation of all
non-fighters allies
Enhance: Ancient Wrath - Increases the damage
of Ancient Wrath and its upgrades
Enhance: Blessing of the Paladin - Increases the
health bonus granted by Blessing of the Paladin and its upgrades
Enhance: Lay on Hands - Hastens the reuse speed of
Lay on Hands and its upgrades
Enhance: Elixir of Resuscitation - Increases the
restoration amount and hastens the reuse speed of Elixir of Resuscitation
Enhance: Doom Judgment - Increases the damage of Doom
Enhance: Sigil of Heroism - Increases the duration of
Sigil of Heroism
Enhance: Devout Sacrament - Hastens the reuse speed
of Devout Sacrament and its upgrades
Enhance: Blessed Weapon - Increases the trigger
frequency of Blessed Weapon and its upgrades
Enhance: Decree - Increases the damage of Decree and
its upgrades
Blocking Mastery - Your ability to block incoming
attacks with a shield is significantly increased
Arch Heal - Replenishes a large amount of target
ally's health
Enhance: Castigate - Increases the radius and hastens
the reuse speed of Castigate
Enhance: Consecrate - Hastens the effects of
Consecrate, causing the damage to occur faster
  Cure Spells - Cures non-physical impairments on
target ally. For each one removed, hate is increased towards the Paladin
by all nearby enemies
Smite Evil - Smites enemies in an area around the
paladin with powerful divine damage that cannot be outright resisted.
Smite Evil affects all undead enemies, as well as any non good-only
classes. The greater the evil, the greater the damage

Shadows Paladin Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Fighter, and Crusader lines.

Forced Following Improves the reuse time on Holy Ground
Holy Prayers Increases the base heal amount of Lay on Hands on
its upgrades
Allied Prayers This ability raises the base healing power of the
Prayer of Healing line of skills. In addition to the heal bonus, it has
an improved chance to critically heal.
Divine Empowerment Improves the damage of the Power Cleave line of
skills. This ability also grants Power Cleave an improved chance to
critically attack and also improves its critical damage.
Blessed Warding The Blessing of the Paladin line will gain a
regenerating ward and will also have this spell's strength and health
Knight's Counter Grants the paladin a chance to strikethrough a
target's defenses, bash on a successful shield block and an improved
chance to riposte when the paladin parries.
Stonewall If a shield is equipped, the Paladin can use it to
block the next fe4w melee attacks.
Faithful Cry A melee attack which also adds hate over time, In
addition, it will do extra damage over time while returning the health
to the paladin.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Atoning Kick Atoning Kick increases the base damage of the
paladin's Penitent Kick line of abilities
Righteous Avenger Improves the threat amount of Righteousness
Devout Faith Devout Faith increases the ward amount of
Demonstration of Faith
Bearer of Divinity Reduces the duration of the penalty on Divine
Devout Prayers Improves the healing of Holy Aid.
Heroic Leadership Improves the recast of Sigil Heroism.
Heretic's Destruction The paladin stirs their group to combat, granting
an increase to the base and critical amounts of their abilities.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016