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Welcome to the TenTonHammer Arena Paladin Guide!


Standard gear rules apply here, resilience and stamina should always be your priorities, in that order. With PvP gear being  readily available from all avenues of gameplay you should have no problem obtaining the necessary gear level to compete in arenas, if you can get the bulk of your gear from badges then use arena points for weapons and honor points for rings and trinkets.

Popular Talent Builds

All talent builds fare well in arenas, how you spec your arena Paladin really depends on your team composition and personal prefrence in play style.

2v2 - Holy or Prot pallies are popular in 2s. Prot pallies are stacking massive spellpower, with proper talents a Prot pally is a nearly infinite mana machine that pairs well with other plate wearers. 

3v3 and 5v5 - Holy or Ret dominate these brackets. Holy tends to be the most common of all specs in all brackets but many burst teams go with a Ret Paladin for both pure power and increased survivability.


Being a hybrid class brings with it some added responsibilites in an arena setting. Your ability to heal, damage, absorb damage and cleanse means your team will lean heavily on you when things go bad. Being able to recognize what role to fill quickly, regardless of spec, will seperate the good from great arena players. 

If the other team focuses you first, they want you to blow your bubble as quickly as possible. Try to delay it as much as you can, as they will then focus on your teammates then return to finish you off. If this happens, be ready with a blessing of protection on your teammate(s) so you disrupt their strategy.

Avoid using your bubble on fears or sheeps unless absolutely necessary, as mentioned above, the main point a team will try to make when seeing a paladin is trying to make them waste their bubble so they can have the upper hand. Use your PvP trinket!

Avoid being manadrained or manaburned. As meager as the mana drained is, it stacks up, and you will end up losing due to out of mana woes should it follow through a few times. Use your stun or any sort of interrupt (or go out of range) when this begins to happen.

Stay tuned for more updates to this guide, remember, you will win some, you will lose some, but in the end, play to have fun!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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