"All Paladin. All The Time." is the warcry.

Chapter 1 - Paladin Guide - Credits - Basics

Chapter2 - Paladin Guide - Combat Art/Spell list

Chapter 3
- Paladin Guide - Method and Technique

Chapter 4
- Paladin Guide - Where To Hunt?


1.0 - Credits

Contributors to this guide include:
Boomjack (Paladin on the Oggok Server and scribe of this guide)
Blackweb (Paladin stalwart on the EQ2Players.com forums for initially posting a guide to those forums)
Stormreaver (Compiled the first reasonable listing of the spells and skills in the beta forum.)
And Savanja the Master Updater!

1.1 - The Basics: Getting off to a good start

Does my choice of race matter?

The answer to this is a resounding, "Yes", though not for the reasons you likely think. The race you choose will have little long term affect on your abilities. What it will affect is you. Yes, you! You have to enjoy playing the race your choose, and you have to enjoy looking at it. This is a long term choice, so make it wisely. Personally, I play a Barbarian because I love the look of the big, bulky Paladin. Their Holy Steed, the level 20 horse that you will receive is also quite large, which I love.

Which starting city should I choose?

At time time of this guide's most recent update, you have two starting city options; Qeynos or Kelethin. As with anything, the best choice is going to be where you will be happiest as a home base. If it makes no difference to you in the long run, then I'd go with Kelethin. The newer starting areas are more player friendly, and in my opinion, have more to offer.

What is the #1 tip you can give me?

Really there are a few unrelated tips, the first is to talk to every single non-player character in your hometown and do their quests. You can do this by right clicking on the NPC and choosing Hail. Learning your way around the world is incredibly important and will make your gameplay experience much more enjoyable.

The second tip is to be a "good guy" as I like to call it. Be nice to those around you, /ignore those you cannot stand, but don't get into verbal disputes. Play the part of a paladin and you will enjoy the game more. It feels great to be a good guy.

The third tip is to find groups whenever you can. Sometimes going solo is all that is available, but the best battles, the best loot, and so far for me the most fun, has been from playing in a group. The friends you make while grouping will be with you for the entire game.

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Additions, subtractions, comments or suggestions regarding this guide should be posted to the message forums or you may e-mail me anytime!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016