"All Paladin. All The Time." is the warcry.

Chapter 1 - Paladin Guide - Credits - Basics

Chapter2 - Paladin Guide - Combat Art/Spell list

Chapter 3 - Paladin Guide - Method and Technique

Chapter 4 - Paladin Guide - Where To Hunt?


For non-class specific leveling information, please visit the tier leveling guides to find out where the best hunting grounds are!

Levels 1-10

Make use of that time on the somewhat safe starting Island! This guide to the Queen's Colony and Greater Faydark (The Nursery) will get you started in your earliest levels.

Levels 10 - 19

The Commonlands is the hunting ground of choice. Solo and Group
mobs are abundant. Do yourself a favor and explore the zone. Taking a
ride on the Griffins is a good way to clear the fog from the map. Work through as many quests as you can for fast experience... the game really opens up as a necromancer at level 20 (through your first great defensive pet comes at level 24).

Fallen Gate is a great place to go with a group you trust. The lower levels of the sewers are aggro heavy and dangerous, again, unless you're with a trustworthy late-teens group.

In Greater Faydark, this zone is all you really need until you get to level 20ish. You can find a lot of quests in the tree city of Kelethin, so be sure to (carefully) venture up there and check it out!

Levels 20-29

The Thundering Steppes is a great place to hang out during these levels. I find Nektulos Forest to be a bit more dangerous, but its okay if you don't wander too far off of the paths in your lower 20s.

For grouping, I love the Fallen Gate. This zone has fabulous loot drops, and tons of named mobs for snagging those master chests.

If you happen to have the expansion, Echoes of Faydwer, hopping onto the boat in Thundering Steppes or Nektulos Forest and heading out to check out the big open zone of the Butcherblock Mountains is good fun. While you are there, look up the deity rep of your choice and think about getting started on that deity quest!

Level 30-39

The Enchanted Lands and Zek are great choices for this level range. Both have tons of quests that are doable as a solo player, found on the docks. These open zones also have some nice heroic areas for grouping, just watch the adds on the friendly mobs!

Level 40-50

Groups in Cazic-Thule and Permafrost are the best way to go until the mid-40s, when you should try your hand in the expansion zones Sinking Sands, or perhaps the Steamfont Mountains.

Level 50-60

There's plenty to do in the Desert of Flames. Jump on a rug and zoom on over to take a look at the Clefts of Rujark, my all around favorite 50s zone, or the Pillar of Flames! In the Echoes of Faydwer expansion, you can find something to do in Lesser Faydark. I have a good time soloing the large amount of drakes in the zone. These are easy kills with decent loot drops.

Level 60-70

To get this far, you will need the expansion, Kingdom of Sky. This expansion has tons of great content, arranged in the most convenient of ways. Late 50s to early 60s you'll want to spend some time in the Tenebrous Tangle and the Sanctum of the Scaleborn. My fave spot in this zone was the breeding grounds. This area makes for great soloing!

For the mid 60s, visit the Barren Sky and the Palace of the Awakened. There is soo much to do here, most notably the Hoo'Loh hat quest that will gain you your class hat. No matter where you go in this area, you cannot go wrong, it is jam packed with mobs of all sorts.

You'll now want to move on to the Bonemire. I spent a lot of time at the Drednever crash site doing quests and just plowing through the mobs in the area. Visit the Halls of Fate if you have a good group along!

Level 70-80

What? 10 more levels? Just when you think you can take a break and enjoy the uberness of level cap, they go and toss more at ya! Don't fret though, these levels are some the the funnest in game and I'm actually little sad that there is no more leveling for me on my main in T8! In order to progress past level 70 and to play in these zones, you will need the Rise of Kunark expansion.

In your late 60s you can get started in Kylong Plains. You'll find plenty to do on the docks and just up into the mountains at Teren's Grasp.

Early to mid-70s, you'll find tons of quests in Fens of Nathsar and Kunzar Jungle. Work your way around, mindful of the factions! If you do a little bit of everything, you won't hurt future faction options for certain quest lines (some of the epic weapon quests require factions).

Finally, you'll want to head off to Jarsath Wastes for those last few levels. There are camps throughout the zone, most near sokokar posts, that are easy to find and have the bulk of the quests.


HAve your own great hunting places? Let me know so I can add it to this guide and credit you!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016