As Rome's principal grain-growing region, Panaria is covered in golden-brown fields of wheat.

  • A local gang of thugs, widely believed to be in the employ of the Curculionis Faction (a group of wealthy patricians and landowners), has been using every dirty trick they can think of to make their living by cheating Panaria's inhabitants.

  • the Fields of mars, directly north of the city, are a marshalling point for Rome's Legions in times of war. Most of the army's training and preparation is done here, which is probably one reason why the bandits have not yet succeeded in completely taking over.

The Nestivtha Tombs located in Panaria are haunted by a frighteningly large number of Phantasmae and Larvae; a local legend says that the long-dead King Valvesna and his minions will not rest in peace until a stolen crown is returned.

Levels 24-30

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