As the roster of Paragon continues to grow it’s important to understand how to counter specific Heroes. Drafting against any Hero is often key but being aware of each Heroes strengths and limitations and how to work against them. In the list below and the second of our series, we provide a list of tips and tricks we think you’ll find helpful for dealing with Paragon's Rangers. You can find how to counter other Hero types below.


1. Grim.exe has absolutely no mobility and relies massively on his Deflector Shield and Displacement Blast. If you can bait both of these, he’s a sitting duck.

2. Grim.exe’s Ultimate ability - G.T.F.O. - requires line of sight and can be body blocked. If you’re by yourself, just back and replenish your health. Don’t give him a free kill.

3. If you’re in a group fight and see an ally with low health, it’s best to stand near them in case Grim.exe uses his Ultimate. You can then body-block quickly.

4. Grim.exe and his Deflector Shield can mitigate any skill irrespective of whether it’s an Ultimate ability. It’s best to bait it as quickly as possible. Don’t use your best skill against him as he’ll just pop his shield and go merrily on his way.

5. It’s best to harrass Grim.exe as much as possible early game. His lack of mobility makes him an easy kill for Heroes such as Feng Mao and Khaimera.

6. Building some ability armor against Grim.exe can work well against his G.T.F.O. It’ll significantly reduce the damage you take from his Ultimate and his basic attacks. If you can't spare the armor, take more health. 

7. If you’re slowed by Grim.exe, there’s very little you can do. The best course of action is to simply use terrain (if possible) or deal as much damage to him as quickly as possible.

8. Drafting Heroes such as Grux isn’t always great versus Grim.exe simply because he can knock him away, while also mitigating his skills. Taking ADC’s who continually deal damage, or tanks who can get in his face work best.


1. Never stand still if low health against Murdock, it’s an invitation to be sniped with his Ultimate.

2. If low health and backing, lose line of sight from all minions and enemy Heroes. Murdock then won’t be able to snipe you as he won’t have vision.

3. Murdock can be difficult to gank in lane as he will often place Static Traps to block one path to him. Choose Heroes that can pull him or teleport over such traps.

4. It’s mana intensive for Murdock to keep replacing his Static Traps. Always trigger them if there’s no risk of death - whether it’s you or your Jungler - to ensure easy access to him.

5. Always remember that Murdock will knock you back with Move Along if you get too close. A good Murdock will wait until you use a high value skill such as Feng Mao or Khaimera’s Ultimate - he can avoid both of these comfortably. Try to use them only when he isn’t facing you with his shield.

6. Murdock has to be facing you to push you back with Move Along. You’ll know when he activates the shield as he gains a yellow particle barrier in front of him. Run around him quickly to avoid the knock back.

7. Murdock can wave clear quickly mid and late game thanks to Buckshot. Don’t leave him unattended.

8. Murdock, similarly to any ADC, is weakest at the start of the game. Use this time to restrict his card experience farm so he doesn’t get up to speed - gank him as often as possible!


1. Sparrow is without doubt the most vulnerable of all enemy Heroes. She has no “out” and if she doesn’t Ward, kill her and kill her often.

2. Sparrow, like any ADC, deals low damage at the start of the game. Use this time to restrict her farm as much as possible.

3. Sparrow relies massively on her basic attack and Ultimate ability for damage - her other two skills are negligible at best.

4. The fact Sparrow has no “out” makes her enormously vulnerable to high damage Heroes such as Khaimera, Grim.exe (his Ultimate) and Riktor. She can’t do much against any of them.

5. When Sparrow uses her Ultimate ability, she can fire three shots at once. The outer arrows deal reduced damage, compared to that in the center. Try to stay on the edges of her shots, rather than eating the central arrow.

6. Sparrow can often pop you out of travel mode with her Piercing Shot. Make sure you dodge and weave as you sprint away.

7. It’s best to build some basic attack armor against Sparrow just to ensure you mitigate as much of her attacks as possible.

8. Most Sparrow players build pure damage with some health. This makes her surprisingly hit hard but very vulnerable to crowd control. 


1. Twinblast has a valuable mobility skill (Rocket Dash) that leaps him forwards a short distance. If he has it, don’t waste your Ultimate ability (such as Steel’s or Feng Mao’s) as he’ll just dash out of it.

2. Twinblast is fairly easy to bully in lane because to wave clear quickly he needs to spend mana (which is expensive). By doing this, he'll sometimes have too little to use his Rocket Dash. That's a good thing. 

3. Twinblast’s Ultimate, Ventilate, is a very long range rapid fire attack. It's pretty hard to be accurate with however so if Twinblast does wind it up, find cover or weave around like a mad-man. 

4. When Twinblast is about to use his Grenade, which causes an AOE slow, he raises his arm in the air and his pistol down. Look for this sign and prepare to dodge it.

5. It's a good idea if you're a melee Hero to get into Twinblast's face so that he's forced to use Rocketdash. If he doesn't, he's going to takes lots of damage. 

6. Even with Rocket Dash Twinblast really doesn't escape far. Most melee Heroes (Feng Mao/Grux/Khaimera) can comfortably kill him and there's little he can do. 

7. Twinblast can often sneak kills against low health players (for the CXP) by using Double Shot. If you're low health and he's near, best to find cover or back away.

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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2017

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