As the roster of Paragon continues to grow it’s important to understand how to counter specific Heroes. Drafting against any Hero is often key but being aware of each Heroes strengths and limitations and how to work against them. In the list below and the third of our series, we provide a list of tips and tricks we think you’ll find helpful for dealing with Paragon's Support Heroes. You can find how to counter other Hero types below.


1. Dekker is incredibly strong 1 on 1. She won't neccesarily kill you, but she can comfortably escape just about anyone. Try to always engage her in pairs unless she's very low health.

2. Dekker's Stasis Bomb is easiest to avoid when you're far away. When cast up close, it's near impossible for Dekker to miss so keep her at arms length. 

3. If you can, try to always space out when the enemy team has Dekker. She excels against teams that group together so she can trap them all in Containment Fence. Be sure to stand apart. 

4. Dekker is at her strongest when she's roaming or pairing with another player. If you can't see her in lane, she's likely running to a team fight so keep your Shadow Wards active. 

5. Stasis Bomb stuns for longer when it's been upgraded. Effectively, Dekker is much more powerful for locking down an enemy when she has leveled up. Gank her early to slow down her level gain. 

6. Dekker's Slow Bubble is incredibly annoying as it can practically cover an entire lane. If you're trapped in it, just walk to the edge rather than use a movement skill - you may need it shortly after. 

7. Growth Heroes work well against Dekker because they can equip Hunter's Guile to remove her stuns and slows. 

8. Just before Dekker places her Containment Fence, there's a clear audio cue - use this time to escape rather than keep fighting - before the barrier comes down. 

9. Heroes that can leap out of Dekker's Ultimate counter her exceptionally well: Rampage, Feng Mao, Howitzer, Gideon and Muriel to name a few (if Muriel uses her Ultimate). 

10. If you're caught in Dekker's Ultimate and her team is with her - you're going to die. There's no way to escape or defend yourself if you're a Hero who can't leap. The key is to not get caught in the first place.

11. Hard crowd control works best against Dekker. She'll constantly attempt to slow, stun and leap away. Get your team to stun her, or pull her back. 

12. Dekker will rarely, if ever, build damage. That doesn't mean however that she can't hurt. Her entire skill rotation can comfortably kill an ADC if she uses her Ultimate and they bump into her wall.  


1. Against any skilled Muriel, attempting to "gank" isn't often an option. She'll use her Ultimate, you'll be knocked up and likely take significant in the process. Achieve ganks against her and her team when you know she's on cooldown.

2. Muriel has 2 shields (3 if you count her Ultimate). One is single target, one is AOE. If you can, try to force her to use her single target early so that it's on cooldown. She's then vulnerable.

3. Muriel will always try to use her Ultimate ability to escape if she's under pressure. Have a stun or pull ready to interrupt her. 

4. Most Muriel players build cooldown reduction early. This lets her Ultimate a lot quicker early game. Prevent her farm as much as possible by ganking her often or bullying her in lane. 

5. Muriel's Alacrity not only provides her with a shield but also movement speed. Heroes such as The Fey who can slow counter this heavily. 

6. Riktor is exceptional versus Muriel because he can shut her down completely to the point where she won't ever be able to use her skills. 

7. In the current meta, Muriel still does well because she makes squishy targets have some survivability. That said, most high damage heroes (other rangers) can comfortably burst through her shielding. 

8. Always have your Jungler hang back in preparation for attacking Muriel. In a team fight she'll be distracted looking after her team - use this time to gank her as her abilities will be on cooldown. 

9. Scarab Claws is a good counter to Muriel as it shreds the armor on a target that has a shield. It effectively provides a free damage boost. 

10. Muriel's Ultimate provides a brief shield upon targetting an allied Hero. When she lands, use this time to hit her with crowd control so she can't instantly use her skills. 


1. Always keep Narbash at arms length so have plenty of stuns or knockbacks ready. His Ultimate can cause huge problems so be sure to stay back. 

2. A good Narbash player will always build tanky so they can dive and pull-off their Ultimate. Having some penetration isn't a bad thing. 

3. Narbash relies massively on his stun to be effective. Take Hunter's Guile (similarly to Dekker's counter) if you can or counter him with another Hero that can stun him back. 

4. Narbash is strongest in small skirmishes. During a team fight he can use his Ultimate but that's about it - if you can interrupt that, he has little value. 

5. Gadget is particularly effective at dealing with Narbash as if he uses March! as you can Speed Gate after him. 

6. If you see a Narbash on the enemy team, bring Dekker to the party. She can lock him in, interrupt his Ultimate and keep him slowed - she's a huge counter against him. 

7. It's often best in a team-fight to ignore Narbash. Once you've interrupted his Ultimate, work around him and focus squishy targets - he might be support but his primary purpose after that is body-blocking. 

8. If you have no Heroes that can stun, take Heroes that can leap or have movement skills. They'll be able to comfortably escape his Ultimate before running back to him once it fades. 

The Fey

1. The Fey, out of all the Support Heroes, is arguably the most vulnerable. She can slow and use her Ultimate against you in an attempt to escape but they're both easily avoided and she has no means of escaping - use this to your advantage. 

2. The Fey deals high damage should she specialize for it but her skills are predictable and easy to avoid. Always move to the left or right when she fires Bramble Patch and simply step aside of Untamed Growth. 

3. The Fey is incredibly strong during group fights because she will unload all her skills at once, for a huge combo of damage. It's best to attack her first to force her to use her skills. 

4. Hard crowd control is a huge counter to Fey, making Dekker particularly strong against her. One stun or slow and she's highly likely to die unless she has built incredibly tanky. 

5. Harvest Nettles offers exceptional poke - don't get too low early game or she'll quickly burst you down. Always hide behind minions so she hits them, not you. 

6. It's best to space out if The Fey is on the enemy team. Her Fly Trap is best suited for teams that group up in tight spaces - especially the jungle. 

7. Khaimera works exceptionally well against The Fey. If he engages early, he'll force her to use her skills (a good thing for the team). If he engages mid fight, she won't have her skills and will take huge - if not fatal - damage. 

8. Steel is exceptional against The Fey, alongside Riktor. They can lock her down for such long periods of time that she really can't do anything. 

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Last Updated: Jan 17, 2017

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