Kwang is a relatively versatile fighter than can comfortably lane or jungle. While I’d argue he’s much more suited to laning, simply because of the fact his clear isn’t particularly fast (which a jungler needs) and he can’t really afford to use his skills to supplement quicker clearing they’re simply too mana heavy.

Despite his expensive mana costs and lengthy cooldowns, he offers powerful burst. His Ultimate ability (Fury of the Heavens) combined with Light of the Heavens can cause serious damage in a very small window. Even if players are building high amounts of health, it’s going to eat a large chunk of it.

Kwang is a durable fighter that excels at initiating. A master swordsman, Kwang can utilize his Legendary Blade to change how and where he uses his abilities.

What I will stress with Kwang is that despite being a Fighter, he relies massively on Judgement of the Heavens for just about any and all functionality. Without the ability to throw his sword and tether an enemy, he can’t engage unless in travel mode. This makes him fairly high risk, high reward as a miss will result in you having no reliable means of quickly reaching your opponent. The result of this is a reliance on effective positioning and/or movement speed boosts from the likes of Narbash or Dekker to quickly get into combat (unless the enemy aren’t watching).

Updated: 13 October 2016



High burst potential

Incredibly mana intensive

Reasonable early game sustain thanks to Gift of the Heavens

Almost entirely reliant on Judgement of the Heavens

Excellent mobility but only if Judgement of the Heavens is off cooldown

His Passive ability removes one active ability - never a good thing

Solid basic attack damage

Having to use two skills to gain mobility is costly

His Tether is particularly strong when ganking

There are superior fighters (Grux/Rampage/Feng Mao)


  • Never utters the name of his sword in the hearing of others
  • Believes in tradition and honoring one’s parents.
  • Completely trusting and often penniless.


Slice (LMB) - As your basic attack, you’ll rely on Slice for just about everything. Its default damage isn’t amazing (40) but its more than capable of allowing you to clear minion waves early game. Just be aware that there’s about a 1 second cooldown between swings for when timing your last hits.

Light of the Heavens (RMB) - As a short range AOE attack, Light of the Heavens is arguably your main form of wave clear and one of your burst skills. Alongside the damage that it deals, it also provides Kwang with Physical and Energy Armor for a few seconds. As is customary, the values of the AOE damage and armor increase as the skill is leveled up, with the armor bonuses maximized at 88 (respectively). Finally, it’s worth noting that when you’ve thrown your sword you can trigger Light of the Heavens to explode around it. This is, technically, your only range poke.

Tip - Even if no one is around you, if you’re trying to escape use Light of the Heavens. The armor will often mitigate enough damage to keep you alive.

Judgement of the Heavens (Q) - This allows Kwang to throw his sword to any location. Once it has landed, any target caught in its radius will be briefly tethered to it. The window of opportunity is small, but long enough to allow you to use Light of the Heavens, or your Ultimate ability. It’s also important to note that once your sword is placed anywhere in Agora, it will remain there until you use a skill or attack with Slice. Your sword will be shown on the minimap and until it’s recalled you’ll run around unarmed.

Tip - Judgement of the Heavens has a long cooldown. Only use it to engage or escape (with your Ultimate). Don’t use it for wave clear or poking.

Gift of the Heavens (E) - As a Passive skill, you don’t have to do anything to gain value from it. It grants only a small return of health per attack. The one benefit to Gift of the Heavens is that it also affects allies around Kwang, but its potency is reduced to 30% effectiveness with AOE attacks. Honestly, it’s pretty poor all round. Early game it’s “OK”, mid and late it’s near pointless. By all means take the skill, but don’t ever rush to upgrade it.

Tip - Unluck Gift of the Heavens early to provide sustain in lane or in the jungle. Don’t rush to upgrade it afterwards.

Fury of the Heavens (Ultimate) - Providing huge AOE damage, Fury of the Heavens has two components. If used by itself, you will simply cause AOE damage around you which applies a brief slow. If your sword is in the game world however, having used Judgement of the Heavens, you will teleport to it after a brief delay causing the same effect. Irrespective of how you use Fury of the Heavens (whether teleporting or directly next to an enemy) it has a long cooldown and high mana cost. Only use it if you can be sure you’ll hit the intended target.

Tip - If you need to quickly go back to base, place your sword in lane, teleport back and then use Fury of the Heavens. You’ll instantly teleport back to the lane and will have replenished your health, mana and cards.

Skill Order

Due to the fact your Passive is pretty poor, it’s best to simply focus your attention onto your Ultimate (Fury of the Heavens) and your AOE armor buff (Light of the Heavens). Both are key to your burst potential.

1. Light of the Heavens

2. Judgement of the Heavens

3. Gift of the Heavens

4. Light of the Heavens

5. Fury of the Heavens

6. Light of the Heavens

7. Light of the Heavens

8. Judgement of the Heavens

9. Fury of the Heavens

10. Judgement of the Heavens

11. Judgement of the Heavens

12. Gift of the Heavens

13. Fury of the Heavens

14. Gift of the Heavens

15. Gift of the Heavens

Recommended Cards

Coming Soon!


Early Game (Level 1-9)

I play Kwang in lane, as opposed to jungle, and it’s best to soak as much as possible. With this build, you can withstand a fair amount of punishment - your high health and burst allows you to bully most Heroes. If you can, once you hit level five try to time your skills so that you secure an early kill with Judgement of the Heavens > Light of the Heavens > Fury of the Heavens. This should give you a lengthy window to then push your lane and rotate.

Mid Game (Level 10-12)

Mid game is typically when the first towers are down. You’ve a little more breathing space for roaming at this point, but need to still keep an eye on your jungle and lanes. Try to always secure the blue and red buff - it’s a little greedy but Kwang often benefits from both (his mana costs and cooldowns are so high). It’s also imperative at this point that you participate in all team fights, tethering high value targets with Judgement of the Heavens before bursting them down.

Late Game (Level 13-15)

Death timers are long and you can’t afford to engage poorly. Stay with your team, rotate to maintain your buffs and participate in every team fight. Secure black buff when able and continue to focus high value targets. I must stress that at these later levels, only dive into a fight if you know you can make it out alive.


These god threat levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy gods can give you a headache. For the gods listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for Kwang. 



Dekker: Simply because of her ability to slow, stun and trap you, she's a threat. She can stop you using your Ultimate with a well timed stun and can easily prevent your engagement. 


Grim.exe: His slow is incredibly annoying and when he's late game, the combination of damage and crowd control make it very challenging to fight him. He'll regularly send his Ultimate your way as there's nothing you can do to avoid it, but you should be able to survive it if you aren't too low.


Riktor: His pull combined with his Ultimate ability and silence can make life very miserable for you. In a team fight, he can single you out and there's absolutely nothing you can do to defend yourself - it's even more annoying when he interrupts your Ultimate. 


Grux: Although you can comfortably build resistances against him, Grux and his pull are frustrating to fight against. It pulls you out of position, you're in trouble. Unfortunately you're usually too far out of position by that point to save yourself. 


Khaimera: Simply because of his burst and self sustain, Khaimera falls into similar territory as Grux. His leap and Ultimate combo deal enormous damage and while you are relatively tank and your stun valuable against him, if you're remotely low health you'll likely die. 



This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Kwang play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. If you can, try to always engage using Travel Mode, you then have your tether (and teleport) available for after your target has attempted to use their mobility skills. 

2. Your sword, once placed, will show on the minimap until recalled. 

3. Kwang is incredibly mana intensive. Don't use your skills to wave clear. 

4. Kwang relies entirely on Judgement of the Heavens and Fury of the Heavens for any sort of mobility. It's costly in terms of mana and cooldowns. Don't waste it. 

5. If you're being chased and have all your abilities ready, try to drop your sword - run away (even if being hit) - before using your Ultimate. You'll teleport to your sword, confuse the enemy and likely be far enough away to then enter Travel Mode. 

6. Don't forget that your RMB provides armor and this armor increases as it's leveled up. It's brief mitigation but helps protect against incoming attacks (such as Gadget's Sticky Mine). 

7. Never engage in a fight as Kwang unless you've at least some of your abilities are available. Obviously if the enemy team is ridiculously low health you can, but you're incredibly easy to kite when running at ranged Heroes. You need your abilities to engage effectively.  

8. When laning, try to ensure your minions engage the enemies before you begin to attack. You'll not receive damage and then any minor damage you do take your Passive will take care of. 

9. If you have to Jungle, be sure to not only take a Harvester Key but it's worth upgrading your passive early. It really takes the edge off the damage jungle camps deal. 

10. Remember that your highest burst is Judgement of the Heavens > Fury of the Heavens > Light of the Heavens

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Last Updated: Oct 13, 2016

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