Lt. Belica is a popular Hero and as a burst mage, she’s capable of high amounts of control but also damage. While she might not fit the typical “mage” appearance, her kit is all about high AOE damage and punishing enemies who have low mana. While she might lack a reliable means of escape, she makes up for this in area control. Utilising a variety of high-tech gadgets, Lt. Belica can summon an AOE bomb to quickly clear a wave, or a drone to attack players who use skills in its presence. Her Ultimate maximizes depleted mana on enemy Heroes by also dealing bonus damage - it’s effectively an execute.

With her arsenal of advanced weapons, Lt. Bélica is a powerful threat to her enemies. Call in Void Drone at the start of a fight to deplete your enemies' resources and zap them when they try to fight back. Drop a Void Bomb and follow-up with Seismic Assault to neutralize enemies, and when you found your target, pacify them with Neural Disruptor and bring swift justice to your enemies.

Despite Lt. Belica’s strengths she’s highly vulnerable to crowd control and while she can survive punishment if she builds health and armor, this does lower her damage potential considerably. Irrespective, if she has a team with her that can protect her she’s more than capable of not only disrupting the enemy but dealing enormous damage over the course of a fight.



Her Ultimate can easily gaurentee kills against low health Heroes

She’s very vulnerable to crowd control

She can quickly push a lane when needed

No reliable means of escape unless she takes Blink

Her burst damage is high if she lands all her skills

Void Drone has a long cooldown and can be killed quickly if focused

She’s tons of fun to play

Most of her skills are relatively easy to avoid

Void Drone can punish teams quickly if left unnoticed

Falls off late game


  • Shot eleven times. Keeps five rounds in her desk, the other six in her bones.
  • Has a bounty on her head from the Ying Mei Cartel.
  • Personal life is a flaming mess.


Burst Fire (LMB) - Like any other Hero, Lt. Belica relies heavily on her basic attack. During early game it’s your primary means of last hitting minions and securing card experience as quickly as possible. By default it doesn’t deal much damage (35) but reaches up to 77 when fully upgraded. The low output early game can make last hitting challenging so be sure to take Cast Tokens (if you have them) to make life a little easier.

Void Bomb (RMB) - Your primary source of wave clear, Void Bomb is a high damage AOE that Lt. Belica throws into position. As a stationary object, it will detonate automatically after 2.25 seconds, dealing high damage and restoring mana based on the number of enemies hit. By default it restores 10 mana per target struck, but costs 80 to cast. Against a minion wave it’s still going to cost you around 30 mana so it’s often worth using your basic attack unless you’re specifically intending to rush a lane.

Tip - Void Bomb is as good for area denial as it is for pure damage. If you need to run, drop it at your feet - any enemies chasing you will likely take damage from the explosion.

Seismic Assault (Q) - As your only form of crowd control, Seismic Assault knocks up all enemies and players caught in its blast. As a line-based attack, Seismic Assault will affect all enemies directly in front of Lt. Belica. Once fully upgraded the knock-up lasts around 1.3 seconds - often more than enough to disrupt the enemy and to secure a Void Bomb detonation. A solid combination for quickly wave clearing is Void Bomb > Seismic Assault for high damage that’s unavoidable. Just be aware that Seismic Assault not only has a minor cast time, but a travel time on the eruption. You must factor this in when targetting enemy players.

Tip - Seismic Assault can travel through scenery. You can comfortably hide behind walls, fire Seismic Assault, and it’ll hit opponents on the other side. Use this if players are attempting to kite you in the jungle.

Void Drone (E) - With a very lengthy cooldown, Void Drone isn’t a skill you can afford to cast without care. Once you summon Void Drone, it will protect a large area. Anyone in it will have their mana drained (2 per second) and if they use an ability, the Void Drone will attack them. Against basic attack focused Heroes it’s not great, but against Heroes who use skill rotations it offers high spike damage. The damage per ability used is high (80 by default) so you can quickly cause real problems for players if they insist on attacking you. Just be aware that Void Drone can be killed (it takes 5 basic attacks) so it’s best to place it where it’s not easily targeted.

Tip - Void Drone is great for providing Lt. Belica with some defence. Effectively, if you place it down anyone attempting to attack you will be forced to make a decision: advance and take damage and mana loss or retreat and poke it down.  

Neural Disruptor (Ultimate) - As a targeted ability it’s impossible to miss with Neural Disruptor. It deals instant damage to a chosen target and deals additional bonus damage against enemies with less mana. When fully upgraded, the bonus damage equates to +1.25 damage, per 1 point of missing mana. Unsurprisingly it can work incredibly well against just about any Hero who has used their mana during a team fight and it’s possible to have it deal well in-excess of 700 damage. If possible, always try to use it against high value targets and be sure to keep an eye on the enemy's mana and which is lowest.

Tip - Always try to use Neural Disruptor against a target with the lowest mana. The damage bonus will ensure, at the very least, they take significant damage. This should allow you and the rest of your team to secure the kill.

Skill Order

When it comes to skill order, there’s a couple of options with Lt. Belica. The first is to build specifically for your Void Bomb so that you’re particularly strong during team fights and wave clear. Alternatively you can build for Void Drone in order to not only have defensive measures 1 on 1, but subtle yet high damage in a team fight. Based on the below, if you want to pursue Void Drone just swap the order with Void Bomb after level 3.

1. Void Bomb

2. Seismic Assault

3. Void Drone

4. Void Bomb

5. Neural Disruptor

6. Void Bomb

7. Void Bomb

8. Void Drone

9. Neural Disruptor

10. Void Drone  

11. Void Drone  

12. Seismic Assault

13. Neural Disruptor

14. Seismic Assault

15. Seismic Assault

Recommended Cards

Coming Soon after Epic's card rework


Early Game (Level 1-9)

Lt. Belica early game is surprisingly strong. She won’t win a lane pairing against the likes of Iggy & Scorch but she can comfortably hold against anyone else. Lt. Belica is mana light meaning she can farm lane easily without expending too much mana. This often allows her to push and outlast her lane opponent. Just be sure when farming that you not only secure last hits, but never go back to base before said opponent - enemy minions will quickly be on your tower if you do. Finally, be sure to always secure the black buff when it’s available.

Mid Game (Level 10-12)

Typically and like any mage, you need to capitalize on laning when a kill has been secured. Rotating lanes during mid game is key especially when an opponent is dead because you can comfortably push a wave near instantly with Void Bomb and Seismic Assault. If you have black buff and use the time quickly, a first tier tower at the very least should fall.

In team fights during mid game, you should always ensure you’re at the back and be placing Void Drone in key locations where it can still attack if an enemy but not be killed easily. Finally, be sure during any fight to always use a rotation of Void Bomb > Seismic Assault so that players in the bombs radius can’t escape it.

Late Game (Level 13-15)

Late game for Lt. Belica is all about being present in a team fight. There’s no value in being in the front - inevitably you’re backline. However, you need to use Seismic Assault to protect your teammates but to also setup kills by locking down a player for a fraction of a second. If possible, you should also use this time to keep lanes pushed past half to ensure you have time to team fight.


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Lt. Belica play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Lt. Belica has no escapes. Be sure to stay back and use your maximum range at all times. 

2. Your lane push is incredibly quick if you use Seismic Assault and Void Bomb. It's more than enough to wipe the lane and have your minions push onto a tower.

3. Void Drone will take the focus of a towers shots, similarly to Iggy's turrets. Use this to buy you time should you need it in order to escape or damage the tower while waiting on a minion wave.

4. Seismic Assault causes a knock-up that lasts a little over a second. Use this to disable high value targets so your team can follow up with further crowd control.  

5. Lt. Belica can bully early game incredibly effectively, especially once she has all her skills at level 5. A rotation of Void Bomb > Seismic Assault > Void Drone > Neural Disruptor can kill most Heroes near instantly. 

6. Always be sure to use Void Drone only if a fight will stay in one place. Its cooldown is lengthy and if your fight is going to quickly move locations, it's totally wasted. 

7. It's often worth taking Blink as Lt. Belica. It might be 5 card points, but it'll absolutely keep you alive. 

8. Lt. Belica is strongest when she's against a team that's mana intensive. Any melee Hero such as Grux or Feng Mao quickly use mana in team fights, while mages have a lot they'll rarely run out unless they've built none. Choose your Ultimate target based on their mana pool and how low it is. 

9. Lt. Belica has an unconventional basic attack. It fires 3 bullets, but only deals one amount of damage. It takes some getting used to, especially when last hitting. Practice makes perfect. 

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Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016

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