Despite being defined as Support, The Fey is an adaptable Hero that brings a great deal of utility to Agora. With an ability to slow and pull enemies, she pairs incredibly well with most other Heroes. What makes The Fey particularly effective is the fact that unlike Dekker or Muriel, she's more than capable of dealing good damage. If she unleashes all her skills at once, at one or multiple targets, they'll take a high amount of damage near instantly. This burst also allows the rest of her team to follow up with ease. 

The Fey is a ranged support who brings dynamic utility to the battlefield. Using the power of nature itself, the Fey utilizes her powerful area control abilities to disrupt enemy movement.

If there are any limitations to The Fey, it's simply that she lacks escapes and unless you build Cooldown Reduction, she has to wait for long periods of time before she can use her skills more than once. Despite that, with the right build she can have near infinite mana and almost 40% cooldown reduction. In lengthy team fights, this makes her particularly powerful. 

Updated: 10 August 2016



Good lane push potential

Relies heavily on cooldown reduction to be truly effective

Valuable crowd control 

Has no reliable means of escaping 

For a Support, more than capable of dealing high burst damage

Can be mana intensive early game 

Her Ultimate ability can comfortably win team fights

Her Ultimate needs her team to follow up

A lot of fun to learn and master

Quite a slow playstyle


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Floret (LMB) - Floret is The Fey's basic attack and allows her to send out an orb of energy at the target. Its damage is minor and your attack speed rather slow. The real value of the skill is for last hitting minion waves and the fact, when paired with Harvest Nettles, that you can attack twice near instantly. I would also add that despite it's low damage, it's still more than enough to deal damage to a Tower or to finish off a low health Hero. 

Tip - Always use Floret to last hit minions in lane. It's imperative as a Support that you do this in order to maintain card experience parity with the rest of the team. 

Untamed Growth (RMB) - Your primary form of wave and team pressure, Untamed Growth places a large glower at the targetted location. The flower will then deal damage around it over three seconds before detonating. The damage over time component isn't huge, but often more than enough to soften up a minion wave. When it comes to team fighting, the large area and final detonation is a surprisingly strong spike of damage especially if used in conjunction with your Ultimate ability. What's also particularly good about Untamed Growth is that when paired with Bramble Patch, enemies caught in the radius will struggle to escape and take the full damage.

Tip - Untamed Growth offers powerful area denial when retreating. Drop it down, throw Bramble Patch in a line across it and run away. Enemies trying to reach you will be slowed and take damage. 

Bramble Patch (Q) - Undoubtely the strongest skill in The Fey's arsenal, Bramble Patch is a long range slow that casts a line of brambles out in front of her. All enemies who touch the brambles suffer a significant movement speed reduction. Although her Bramble Patch is fired straight ahead in a line, it's important that you use the correct angle to maximize its effectiveness. If fired straight ahead enemies will have to move aside. However, if multiple enemies are attacking you and your team, you'll want to lay it across your team by turning to your right or left. It'll then form a long barrier the enemy is forced to walk through. It's also worth noting that Bramble Patch deals reasonable damage when used alongside your other skills. 

Tip - Always use Bramble Patch the moment you fire your Ultimate so that enemies pulled in will be slowed when they try to escape. 

Harvest Nettles (E) - Your primary form of burst damage, Harvest Nettles is a single target long range skill shot that refunds all mana if it strikes an enemy Hero. It's damage is reasonable once upgraded and you can, if quick and accurate enough, fire it before following up with a Floret for a double strike against the same target. Harvest Nettles is also particularly effective when in lane or when you've hit someone with Bramble Patch as their reduced speed provides an ease in landing the shot. Just be aware that if you do miss Harvest Nettles, it's incredibly costly for your mana pool. 

Tip - During any team fight, try to save Harvest Nettles to finish off low health Heroes. It's your best single target attack and can often deal more than enough to bring down players if you land a follow-up Floret. 

Fly Trap (Ultimate) - An incredibly powerful Ultimate ability that brings bags of utility, Fly Trap allows The Fey to place a giant seed which grows and pulls in all enemies who were caught in it. With the right positioning and timing, you can comfortably grab most of the enemy team and if you follow up with Untamed Growth and Bramble Patch, they'll take a huge amount of damage. I will also add that Fly Trap is your only means of escape as The Fey so if you can, ensure you that have it ready at all times when solo laning. 

Tip - If an enemy was in the radius of Fly Trap when you cast it - regardless of if they move out of its radius, they will be pulled back in. 

Skill Order

There are two options for The Fey. You can first maximize your Untamed Growth or your Bramble Patch. Both offer different approaches to her play with the former providing high burst on her Ultimate and the latter high amounts of control through her slow. With preference, capping both early over Harvest Nettles is often best. 

1. Untamed Growth

2. Bramble Patch

3. Harvest Nettles

4. Untamed Growth

5. Fly Trap

6. Untamed Growth

7. Untamed Growth

8. Bramble Patch

9. Fly Trap

10. Bramble Patch

11. Bramble Patch

12. Harvest Nettles

13. Fly Trap

14. Harvest Nettles

15. Harvest Nettles

Recommended Cards

What's The Order?

Typically I'll buy a Magus Ward first. I'll then purchase Mind Flow before fully upgrading it. I'll then return back to fully upgrade my Magus Ward before purchasing and fully upgrading Pendulum of Lords. At this point I'll then decide whether I need armor (at which point I'll prioritise Snakevine Mesh or Venom Shell depending on who I'm playing against) or if I can afford to pursue more damage, I'll take the Wellspring Staff. Alternatively and if I'm rarely being attacked, I'll avoid both armors and instead pickup Barrier of Will and Magna Lens. Both of these provide more mana, near infinite mana gain and an invaluable team-wide shield. Finally, if I need a huge boost of health (but not so much a full armor set) I'll take Swiftcreek Heart.

What About Blink?

If you find you're constantly being attacked, sell your Magus Ward towards mid/late game and pickup Blink. You won't cap out your card points, but you will survive so much easier.

What If I Don't Have These Cards?

That's totally fine and there are plenty of alternatives. 

1. Eldermage Amulet is a great alternative to Swiftcreek Heart.

2. Tuned Barrier and Tempered Plate are great alternatives for Snakevine Mesh and Venom Shell.

3. Any mana card can replace Mind Flow or simply take another Pendulum of Lords and fill it with the same mana values. 


Early Game (Level 1-9)

Like any support Hero early game is all about soaking as much as humanly possible to acquire card experience. You need to get your cooldown reduction online as quickly as humanly possible so that mid to late game you can cast spells quickly. If you can, try to pair with an ADC in lane so that you can gaurentee last hits against minions. If you're forced to solo lane, be sure that you last hit all minions to maximize your gains. I'd also advise at this point in the game that you're free to roam to secure kills if you like but it's not always worthwhile. 

Mid Game (Level 10-12)

Mid game for The Fey is all about effectively rotating so that you can help push lanes and provide support during team fights. Most Heroes by this stage are approaching maximum card points and you'll need to help secure kills so that you can push onto enemy Towers quickly. At this stage I'd also recommend that you try to pair up rather than constantly solo as you'll find it much easier to kill enemies that are roaming by themselves. 

Late Game (Level 13-15)

Late game The Fey is at her peak and can comfortably burst groups of enemy Heroes as long as she is supported by her team. She's still vulnerable to being ganked due to her lack of an escape (unless you took Blink) but if you ensure you're constantly with your team and land your Ultimate against multiple Heroes, you'll rarely struggle to win a team fight. Just be sure to constantly encourage your team to group up - it'll help significantly when it comes to maximizing your skill set. 


These god threat levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy gods can give you a headache. For the gods listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for The Fey. 



Dekker: Simply because of her ability to slow, stun and trap you, she's a threat. She can stop you using your Ultimate with a well timed stun and can easily prevent your escape. 


Grim.exe: His slow is incredibly annoying and when he's late game, the combination of damage and crowd control make it very challenging to fight him. He'll regularly send his Ultimate your way as there's nothing you can do to avoid it. 


Riktor: His pull combined with his Ultimate ability and silence can make life very miserable for you. In a team fight, he can single you out and there's absolutely nothing you can do to defend yourself. 


Grux: Although you can comfortably build resistances against him, Grux and his pull are frustrating to fight against. It pulls you out of position, forcing you to use your Ultimate in the hopes of escaping. 


Khaimera: Simply because of his burst and self sustain, Khaimera falls into similar territory as Grux. His leap and Ultimate combo deal enormous damage. You'll rarely survive it. 



This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Fey play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. When you're in lane, you'll want to use Untamed Growth to weaken oncoming minions. Just be sure to lay the skill so that the final burst hits them. 

2. Untamed Growth > Fly Trap > Bramble Patch > Harvest Nettles > Floret is your strongest burst rotation. 

3. If you can afford the mana, try to quickly clear minion waves using Untamed Growth > Bramble Patch. This'll ensure the wave is slowed and will take full damage. 

4. Unless you take Blink, Fly Trap is your only form of escape. Cast it a your feet, turn and fire Bramble Patch before running away. 

5. The Fey can easily fall behind on experience due to the fact she's Support. Try to always last hit, be present in team fights and use Harvest Nettle to snag last hits.

6. Your priority mid and late game should be supporting your team. Always try to be present in team fights so the team can utilize your crowd control.

7. Don't forget you're a Support Hero. You might be able to go good damage, but you're slow to kill anyone even if you build damage. 

8. Harvest Nettle is often best used against a Hero that's slowed. It's difficult to land and is expensive on mana if you miss. 

9. Any Hero that has a strong engage is a tough Hero to face for The Fey. Take extra care against melee Heroes and use Shadow Wards.

10. If you're solo laning, always freeze you lane. Just use basic attacks and nothing else to ensure you have a constant supply of minions.

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Last Updated: Aug 12, 2016

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