Be the Life of the Party

Brennie brings us what may well be the most comprehensive Custom Build
yet! Using reader feedback as a guide, Brennie not only tells us how to
build a cleric everyone will want on his Friends List, but he also
shares the logic behind the choices:

Wisdom is the most important score for a cleric, so why
haven’t I maxed
it out? To get Wisdom from 16 to 18, I need to spend 6 whole Ability
points. This would give me a +1 to will saves, +1 to the difficulty
check of offensive cleric spells (of which there aren’t many), and a
total of 19 extra spellpoints at Level 10. I would rather spend those
points on DEX and CON, giving me +1 potential armor class bonus when I
wear magical platemail, +1 to ranged attack, +1 reflex save, +2 to the
Concentration skill, +2 fortitude save, and +2 hitpoints per level.

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Cleric and then discuss it right here in this thread!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016