If you haven’t had enough customization from talents and skills in The Division, you can always add in some Perks. Perks are a little different than Skills and Talents as they apply a passive bonus to some of the less exciting features of the game, like being able to hold more medkits or dark zone items.

That being said, some of them are quite useful so it still makes sense to get to know them, and how you can make them work for your character. Like the skills and talents there are three different trees for medical, tech and security.

Tech Perks

  • Inventory – provides 10 additional inventory slots.
  • Hazardous Materials – increases dark zone inventory.
  • Division Tech Materials – can convert tech crafting materials into other crafting materials at your base.
  • Engineer – provides electronics in the tech wing every hour.
  • Soda – sodas now last 10% longer.
  • Water – water consumable effect lasts 10% longer.
  • Craftsman – collect tools from the tech wing every hour.
  • Energy Bar – energy bar consumable now lasts longer.
  • Resource Assessment – reveals all tech crafting nodes on your dark zone map.
  • Stat Switch – you can now swap stats on items at the recalibration station.
  • Dark Zone Funds – dark zone loot gains increased by 10%.
  • Stash – provides 10 additional slots in your stash.

Medical Perks

  • Medkits – increases the amount of med kits you can hold by 1 (can be applied 3 times).
  • Protective Measures – increases virus protection by 1 (can be applied 3 times).
  • Canned Food – increase canned food duration.
  • Supplier – supplies can be collected from The Supplier once an hour.
  • Contamination Intel – reveals all contaminated areas.
  • Hazardous Materials – increase dark zone inventory.
  • Rigger – fabrics can be collected from the medical wing once an hour.
  • Credit – increase the amount of credits gained by 10% overall.
  • Talents – adds an extra talent slot.

Security Perks

  • Experienced Agent – experience gained increased by 10%.
  • Grenades – you can now hold one extra grenade.
  • Advanced Weaponry – adds an advanced weapons vendor in the security wing.
  • Combat Veteran – all experience from accolades is increased by 25%.
  • Hazardous Materials – increases dark zone inventory.
  • Black Market Vendor – dark zone vendor now available in the security wing.
  • Clothes Vendor – adds a clothes vendor to the security wing.
  • Explosive Bullets – explosive bullet effect now lasts 10 seconds longer.
  • Gunsmith – weapon parts can be collected from the security wing once every hour.
  • Scavenger – once every hour, items can be collected from the scavenger box in the security wing.
  • Incendiary Bullets – the effect from incendiary bullets now lasts 10 seconds longer.
  • Special Ammo – every hour you can collect incendiary and explosive bullets from the supply line.
  • Shooting Range – you can now train your marksmanship at the shooting range.
  • Intel Discovery – intel will be uncovered on your map after completing the side missions in that area.
  • Collector – your scavenging is increased by 15%.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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