Loping Plains - Philip Glaslow Solo Quest Line (60-70)

"Samples from the Fog Hills" - Philip Glaslow asks you to gather samples from local creatures. All the mobs you need can be found in the Fog Hills area, clearly marked on your map. This is the first quest in a series given by Philip, each of the following quests are listed in the order in which they are given. These are great quests to run solo when you have some extra time on your hands. Reward: 4g and experience.

  • "Delivery to Prungo" - Philip asks you to deliver a message to Prungo. He's found just off of the path leading to the Steamfront Mountains, just before you zone. Reward: 4g and experience.
  • "Samples with a Side of Revenge" - You are asked to take care of a few mobs. All of these mobs can be found to the northwest of
    Somborn near the spire. Reward: 4g, a charm piece, and experience.
  • "Echoes of the Sareth'Tal" - You need to slay 4 of the Sareth'Tal found just west of the Crypt of Valdoon. Reward: 14g and experience.
  • "A Necessary Component" - Drop the seeds around the druid circle and harvest the resulting plants.
    Reward: 13g and experience.
  • "Additional Samples" - Philip sends you to retrieve samples from more mobs. All of these can be found near the Crypt of Valdoon. Keep an eye out for the wandering level 70 heroic in the area. Reward: 14g and experience.
  • "Lord Falish" - On one last mission, Philip asks that you take a sample from Lord Falish's grave found in the Somborn Cemetery. Once you find his grave markers, a ghost of Falish will spawn and you need to kill him and take his necklace back to Philip. Reward: 13g, and a necklace "Lord Falish's Amulet", and experience.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016