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The Phoenix of the North

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"Niall knew what I came to seek. He told me the cave was to the north of the village, past flesh-eaters living on the mountain side. Mithrelle is there, together with the Phoenix of the North, behind a wall of ice that I might have to break with force." style="text-align: center; background-color: rgb(120, 102, 85);"> style="width: 150px; height: 149px;" alt="Click to expand"
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Kill Mitrelle

Collect the Northern Atlantean Artifact
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style="font-style: italic;">Mitrelle guards the Phoenix of the North fragment.

Niall will tell you of a path leading up into the mountains. At the top is a wall of ice that seemed to have formed overnight and now blocks a cave above from being entered by adventurers. Niall did mention he sometimes hears a woman sobbing and cursing from within. Mitrelle cursing her punishment for failure perhaps?

You will need to scale the mountain and enter the Ice Cave at coordinates 1161, 314. Unlike the last quest you don't need climbing skill to reach this one. You just need to fight your way up a slope guarded by a load of Archeronian Slaves all around level 50. When you reach the entrance to the Ice Cave you will have to smash through an Ice barrier blocking the door.

When you enter the cave you will get a short cut-scene showing Mitrelle sitting on the edge of an icy cliff. Guarding the way to Mitrelle are more Archeronian Slaves. The slaves should not be much of a challenge as they were made for solo and go down pretty quick. Fight your way down the slope and you will encounter another smashable barrier at coordinates 219, 216. After you smash it a bit you will be attacked by about 5 minion worms. Take them out and continue smashing away.

After you take down the barrier and enter you will receive another short cut-scene. Mitrelle will spot you and she is none to happy about you being there. After a few choice words on what she plans to do to you for getting her sent there you will continue along the path to reach her. Mitrelle can be found in the cave at coordinates 249, 216.

Mitrelle has a few key skills to look out for. She can teleport which makes her annoying to try and hit, she can summon worm minions about three at a time, she has a poison attack that can sting a bit and lastly she can fear you and send you running off who knows where. The best thing to do is clear out all the enemies before you engage her to ensure you don't end up with any adds. Bring a healing potion to be safe, but she shouldn't be to difficult to bring down.

Once Mitrelle is dead, collect the Phoenix of the North medallion at coordinates 303, 208. Until you defeat Mitrelle the fragment will remain encased within a shield. Once she is dead the field protecting it will be destroyed.

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Upon entering the Ice Cave you will get a short cut scene showing Mitrelle and the medallion fragment.

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A short ways into the cave you will encounter a second destroyable barrier. Mitrelle beyond.









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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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