Anyone who has played Flying Labs pirate themed Pirates of the Burning Sea longer than five minutes as an actual pirate knows exactly how hard it is. Restricted movement and everyone wants to try and grab your booty. Just released yesterday is an in depth look at how city raiding works for pirates and how much harder they have to work than the lazy French and English. They also discuss important changes in the works.

Currently, Pirates get four points every time they Raid a port, while Nationals get 10. This means that for a Pirate to keep pace with Nationals, they have to win three port battles in order to get the same amount of points. Since every nation can only attack three ports at a time, this means that Pirates would always have to have their maximum amount of attacking ports at all times, and then they have to win all of those battles. When we increase those capture points from four to five, Pirates only have to win two battles to keep up with the Nationals. This means they don’t always have to be attacking ports and gives them a little breathing room if they lose a port battle.

The second change we’re making this milestone has to do with what happens to a port when Pirates captures it. When Pirates win a port battle for control of a port, the port goes into the Raided state. During the Raided state, no unrest can be generated at that port, and a pirate PvP circle forms around the port for the duration. The same is true when a National attacks and conquers a Pirate port.

Check out the the entire thing over at the Pirates of the Burning Sea official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016