The Rise of Cazic-Thule

Will The Plane of Fear Re-open it's Doors?

By: Savanja

Game Update #26 came with an extremely interesting bit of scenery that has sparked all sorts of speculation and conversation amongst the playerbase. A portal in the Feerrott has been uncovered, and this portal leads to the Plane of Fear.

The red names have been very careful in what they say of this. So far I have found statements from both Blackguard and Moorgard only letting us know that the Plane of Fear will not making it's way into game with this update. But what does this mean for the future? I intend to find out.


Sacha, a rather young dark elf brigand, hears rumors of a Gods portal found in the Feerrott. She is overcome with a desire to lay her eyes upon this mysterious thing herself, and even though she is well aware that the dangers of the land are far above her skills, she sneaks her way through the jungle, to the very edges just past the Temple of Cazic-Thule.

Sacha spies the cave as she weaves her way, silently, through the menacing constructs and other minions of Cazic-Thule. Once inside the cave, she relaxes as she finds that there is a welcoming aspect to this place. She feels as if something is summoning her forth, calling for her to delve deeper within and discover this cave's secrets.

Then there it is. The swirling dark colors, they are so vibrant and so beautiful, it's impossible to keep the distance. Sacha walks towards it, slowly at first, then she lets out a mad giggle and runs as quickly as she can, directly into the portal. There's a brief flash of darkness, then nothing. She opens her eyes that she hadn't even realize that she had closed, and she sees that she is still standing in front of the portal. Entrance would not be allowed on this day.

Gazing in pure lust and awe struck curiosity, it took Sacha a moment to hear the hooded being speaking behind her, his slithering voice only but a whisper to her occupied mind.

The hooded being is Danak, a Prophet of Fear. He tells us that the portal was recently found and he hopes to please The Faceless by re-opening the portal from the Plane of Fear. "The Faceless" is the mighty God, Cazic-Thule, one of the Gods due to make his return appearance with the next expansion "The Echoes of Faydwer".

Danak is looking to enlist in the help of other evil beings to his cause, and the cause of Cazic-Thule. Sacha chose to do all she could to help. The stories she has heard of The Faceless as a child, told her that this God was one that would be rather smart to align herself with. Especially since the Gods have been silent for so long, it would be certian doom to not choose sides early on, when the Gods were still struggling for control in a world that had nearly forgotten them. And so Sacha moves on to do the task assigned to her; Shredding souls to help power the portal so that those that reside within the Plane of Fear, may use it to come into our world and spread the word of Fear.

It seems that perhaps those sneaky little developers have a few tricks up their sleeves for Echoes of Faydwer, but does this include the grand re-opening of the Plane of Fear? My guess is yes! While the ever tight lipped red names have said that Fear is not making it's way in game with the GU, I haven't seen any denial of it's possible addition with the next expansion.

True to form, the EverQuest II developers are keeping many secrets in regards to the future expansion, and it's been my experience that the more excited they are about upcoming in game features, the more they protect those secrets.

My hope is for an opened Plane that isn't just another raiding zone. I'd like to see instances and trials for those that would prove their loyaties to Cazic-Thule, and challenging opposition for those that would see The Faceless destroyed. Given the Gods obvious dismay at having thier planes invaded and avatars slayed, time and time again, it would seem that they would continue to be extremely cautious. A God's avatar should NOT be attackable. I would love to see something along the lines of Nagafen in Lavastorm, where an avatar might be technically attackable, but anyone that does, will have no hope of winning that battle. And a must have in any Plane would be lots of multi-legged quest lines explaining where the Gods have been and what they want now that they are back.

Having the Gods return to Norrath has me drooling all over myself. I've always enjoyed the richness of lore that comes with EverQuest I and EverQuest II, and there are just so many possibilities with "Echoes of Faydwer" to expand on that strength.

I was wow'ed by "Kingdom of Sky", and I think "Echoes of Faydwer" will succeed far beyond all current expansions! I will be hanging on every word the red names offer, desperately looking for clues as to what they have in store for us, including word of the Plane of Fear. And I will carry on the time old tradition of speculating on things that I haven't a real clue on!

*not so patiently waits for beta*

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016