One shot, one kill...

The Hunter is the most common class in the World of Warcraft, and for good reason. It is a solid class that puts out good damage, has a build in tank (in the form of their pet) and is fairly survivable in mail armor. Of all the different builds possible for a hunter, most hunters seem to gravitate towards a marksman build. This is likely because the tree focuses on what a Hunter is good at to begin with and makes it even better.

A Marksman hunter is the master of ranged combat and capable of putting out huge amounts of damage without stepping into range to be hit back.

Aimed shots are great as opening shots and then very quickly lose its shine due to casting time. It's easy to justify the long cast time when you are not in combat, however it is an eternity once in combat and should generally be skipped unless you are in PvP where the healing debuff will come into play. After the initial aimed shot, you can move on to keeping up a sting of your choice, either viper (against mana users) or serpent (for extra damage). Keep the sting applied and then use a fairly standard shot rotation of auto - steady - arcane - auto - steady, adding in Multi Shot when there is no CC targets nearby and as your cooldown permits.

Hone in on your target with the Hunter Marksman guide, only at WoW - Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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