Power of Love

By: Coyotee Sharptongue

“Love. The driving force behind all that is good. The light that shines brightly to repel the encroaching darkness, and the purity that keeps evil at bay. But what IS love? From where does it stem, and more importantly, whom is it's master? This is Coyotee Sharptongue for Caster's Realm News bringing you the True Story.” A large Kerra holding a microphone smiles brightly into the camera.

“Standing with me today is none other than the Cherub of Amour, the Deity of Desire, the angelic winged child “Cupid”. “ Coyotee smiles as he turns towards his guest.

A large Ogre clad in nothing but an oversized diaper and a pair of costume wings smiles brightly as he waves to the camera excitedly. He holds in one meaty hand a wicked looking bow, its black carved wood etched with images of screaming skulls and horrid demons accented only slightly by the bright red and pink hearts crudely cut out of colored paper and hastily taped on.

The reporter frowns as he looks at the camera in annoyance and then back towards the Ogre as he holds up the microphone.

“You're cupid?” Coyotee asks dryly.

“Yup. That me!” Cupid smiles showing a mouthful of broken yellow teeth that gleam wickedly.

“You are Cupid. The symbol of innocence, purity, and adoration. The angelic child god who bestows love and passion upon the world with his magical bow and arrow.” The reporter asks again, obviously not convinced.

“Yup!” Cupid grins widely as he waves to the camera.

“Okay.” Coyotee says with a shrug as he turns his attention fully to the Ogre.

“You have the ability to make people fall in love. When did you first realize you had this gift?” The reporter asks as Cupid shrugs slightly.

“Me used to just say “HEY! YOU! BE IN LOVE!” an' if they not listen me mash'em good.” The Ogre explains shaking a huge fist at the camera. “But then me get magic bow so now me jus' shoot'em an not yell so much.” He says, holding up the bow.

“So the magical bow harnesses your power now. Could we see an example?” Coyotee grins as Cupid nods his head excitedly.

Putting his hand to his brow dramatically he scans the horizon before pointing off into the distance.

“You see skurl?” Cupid points as Coyotee follows his motion.

“Skurl? Oh. You mean that squirrel over by the tree. Yes..yes I see him.” The reporter laughs lightly.

“Kay.” Cupid says seriously, his tongue poking out of his mouth in determination as he raises the bow, now notched with a black barbed arrow.

With a fluid motion that belies his size the Ogre releases the arrow which blurs silently across the landscape before embedding itself into the squirrel's head in a spray of blood and fur. Killed instantly the squirrel's body goes limp, hanging grimly from the tree, impaled by the cruel looking arrow.

“Now him in love!” Cupid announces with a laugh as Coyotee stares on in horror, his eyes wide and his jaw dropped in shock.

“He's not in LOVE. He's DEAD!” Coyotee gasps, as the camera pans to the gory imagine of the slaughtered animal.

“No, no. Him just in love.” Cupid assures as he points again at the distance.

“Oooh! See Ranger elfie?” Cupid grins as he nocks another arrow, his free hand pointing towards a very annoyed looking elf who slowly approaches.

“WHO KILLED THAT SQUIRREL?” The elf yells as he moves closer, the anger apparent on his face.

“Oh. Him need LOTS of love!” The Ogre exclaims as he looses the arrow.

With a loud thump and a scream the elf staggers backwards, a jagged black shaft protruding from his shoulder.

“YOU SHOT ME!” The elf screams in alarm and turns quickly, breaking into a frantic run as he tries to put distance between himself and Cupid.

“Oooh. Him a RUNNER.” Cupid mumbles under his breath as he nocks and fires several shots in a blur of motion.

With a wet gurgle and three arrows protruding from his back, the elf falls to the ground motionless.

“Him REALLY in love.” The Ogre chuckles as the mortified reporter watches soundlessly.

“You…just…killed ..him.” Coyotee says numbly as he stands frozen, overwhelmed by the display of violence.

“Nah, him just in love.” The Ogre says, waving another dismissing hand.

“He's laying dead in a pool of his own blood…” Coyotee trails as Cupid turns to him frowning.

“Krunnk SAID him in LOVE.” Cupid growls as Coyotee stares off at the limp form of the dead elf.

“You shot him..in cold blood.” The reporter points with shaking hand.

“HIM IN LOVE!” Cupid growls louder as he takes a step towards Coyotee.

“SAY HIM IN LOVE!” He demands as he towers over the Kerran.

Coyotee looks between the camera and Cupid, nervously taking a step backwards.

“Wait ‘minute.” The Ogre exclaims as he reaches for another arrow. “You not know him in love ‘cause YOU not in love!” He deduces as the Kerra's eyes widen.

“Oh for the love of milk…” Coyotee exclaims as he drops the microphone without warning and takes off running in a blur of speed.

“Ohh..him fast.” Cupid notes in admiration as he steadies the bow.

“But love faster.” He grins as he releases several arrows in succession.

After a long pause he smiles in satisfaction as a howling scream can be heard in the distance.

“Krunnk love job.” Cupid announces before turning back to the camera.

“HEY. You in love?” He asks suspiciously as the camera tips and the sound of someone running away quickly can be heard.

As the camera fades to static Cupid can be heard shouting “DON'T RUN FROM YOU FEELINGS!” before the signal is completely lost.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016