Preparing for Ranked Warzones

Ranked warzones are on-track for Star Wars: The Old Republic to go live with Patch 1.3: Allies. This feature was supposed to be part of Patch 1.2: Legacy, but was pulled at the last minute because it wasn't ready. Players who experimented with it on the public test server found it lacking, and BioWare decided they didn't want to release something that failed to meet community standards during testing. The last-minute removal of ranked warzones from Patch 1.2 upset a lot of PvP enthusiasts, and its inclusion in Patch 1.3 may be a pretty big deal in terms of drawing disgruntled players back to the game.

Find out what you will need to be ready for the Jedi-slaying fun with Preparing for Ranked Warzones.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016