Are you ready for Warlords? Probably not, but that's okay, we can fix it. If you haven't already, it's time to start thinking about some choices. If you qualify for the free level 90 promotion, then the first thing to do is consider your main. Forget your lame main, it's time to get a new one if you want one. Achievements earned are account wide, toys are account wide, pets are account wide, and pretty much anything of any importance is account wide. 


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Instant Level 90 Path 

So it's now time for you to figure out who you'll be. I'm not gonna help you, sadly, because this is a tough choice and one you can make yourself since if you're coming back to Warlords you have a fair idea of what the classes are and they're all pretty much the same. Figure it out, then boost that character to 90. 

If you did this, then you're now officially ready for for the expansion. Login to your lame old main and use up all the toys and gizmos to make sure your new cool main has everything ready, mail over your gold, and voila you're now hip and ready for the expansion. 

I haven't gone through the process, but I assume you'll need to buy up some bank slots. If you're new to the game, don't worry about it, otherwise move gold over and buy up your bank slots and fill them with bags (you get 4 22-slot bags at the boost). 

Oh and FYI, if you're level 60 or higher, you get level 600 professions as well. Pick 'em before you boost. 

Keeping the Character You Love 

To get started, obtain the following addons: 

Now, as soon as you login, open your bags and click "clean up bags." This is going to organize everything by type, rarity, etc. Now, go up to a vendor, sell all of your junk, and click "clean up bags" again. You should have some extra inventory space and we're about to make that space bigger. 

Go to your bank. Right click the clean up bags button to force it to organize your bank as well. Pull out every mount, pet, and toy you have and decide if it's a spare pet that you're going to keep, otherwise, use all of it so it moves to your collections. You can see the button below if you can't find it.

Now, open up the bags and buy the reagent bag if you haven't done so already. This came with patch 6.0.2 and many don't know about it, but it holds 98 slots of crafting materials. You can now safely ditch all of your crafting specific bags unless you're a major crafter, and trade them out for normal bags now.  

It's time to deal with the rest of the things taking up inventory space. You can disenchant, sell, or vendor most of your greens. They're useless now. Any blue gear that you don't want for transmog can go as well. For epics, some of them are now easily farmable, so unless you have a real need for them, they can go as well.  

Clean up your talent build. It probably sucks and/or has some choices you don't remember making. Go ahead and make a build. 

Delete all of your quests, who cares about most of them anymore. You'll need the quest slots. Oh and delete all of the quest items that don't grant some legacy affect, you don't need those either and they should automatically go with the quest, but some won't. 

Now, if it's before the expansion, get out there and do the Iron Horde quest series. Otherwise, move on to the next content in Draenor with a fresh bags and a fresh character ready for some new-new Horde buttkicking. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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