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By Charabis

Hello once more and welcome to another episode of the Search for Rare and Wonderous Creatures of the Gaming World. Today, we have a real treat for you! As we all know, the

gods will be playing an important role in the world of Gods and Heroes. So what better way is there to celebrate our return than by going after none other than the servants of

the gods, the Priests.

Per our standard operating procedures, our first stop was Perpetual Entertainment's pages for Gods and Heroes. Here, we found their thoughts on the class:

The Priest is undyingly loyal to the gods and is in turn favored above all others. Because of their unyielding dedication, in fact, Priests wield the very powers usually

reserved only for the gods. Their knowledge of rites of healing is unsurpassed; some Priests have even been known to bring their companions back from the dead. With a simple

prayer, they can bless those who fight at their side to give them strength, or curse their enemies to weaken them. Because they call upon the gods to grant them the ability to

perform miraculous feats, Priests are vital to the survival of those groups of adventurers who dare wander through Rome - even if they aren't particularly handy with a blade.

Priests dedicate their lives to serving Pluto, the grim king of the netherworld, or Juno, the virtuous defender of morality and queen of the gods.

There was, however, a surprise in store for us when we returned there after our break, for they'd changed things a bit! Now, we could not only see what the male and female

Priests would look like, but also view screenshots and their weaponry! They'd also shortened the length of their introduction, while providing a couple of juicy tidbits that

weren't there before:

Scions of Juno or Pluto, Priests are the servants of the gods, and can bless their allies with Fortify, which grants them increased health, or curse their enemies with Mark of

the God, which designates them to be sacrificed to the mighty Roman deity to whom the Priest has sworn allegiance.

Fortify and Mark of the Gods--two feats that begin to give us insight into the Priest. Run-on sentences aside, it was some great information, and we just had to have more.

Fortunately, more came in the form of a blog entry from Deodatus at Perpetual's forums. We've broken it up into smaller pieces to improve the readability of teh data.

...After a lengthy discussion I came to realize that the class I had once believed to be lackluster was in fact one of the most useful and interesting classes in the game. I have

to say that my eyes were truly opened and I am impressed.

First things first, the Priest is exactly what you should expect: They heal, they resurrect, they bless, and they buff. A slight change has been made and now the Priests throw

down the curses from the gods...

Before I go into the coolest feature about the Priest class, I also want to mention that the Priest will have the option to select a feat that allows them to repair items in the

field, as well. Yes, you read that right: Priests have the ability to repair your broken sword, shield, breastplate, or whatever else you've got on you, in the field. This is a

significant feature because I can't tell you how many times I've been in a group running a quest far away from any transportation or cities and my equipment has broken due to a

death or two. Nobody likes coming close to the end of a quest only to find out that their sword has fully decayed on their last death. Then you have to hoof it back to some

distant town just to get it repaired, while the entire dungeon respawns and your group disbands in your absence...

Finally, Priests will have an extremely unique power that will prove to be a key point in strategies for players and groups of all types. The Priest is granted a feat that

allows them to spiritually link players or units to spell-casting minions. Allow me to explain. A Priest joins your party with 8 minions, all of them spell-casters. During a

battle the Priest can link these spell-casters telepathically to other minions (including mythological minions) or to other players. By doing this, the spell-caster minions

become immobile and unable to defend themselves; however, the unit on the receiving end of the link gains a significant boost to power, damage, resistances, and stats. The more

spell-casters you have linked to an individual unit, the more powerful that unit becomes, thus treating the immobile spell-casters like a battery....
No matter how you decide to play the Priest, the options here are enormous.

Feat tree? Hmmmmm. This called for a trip over to as those folks always seem to have the goods on feat trees. Sure enough, they had the

href="">Priest's tentative feat tree

from levels one to 20. Head over and check it out.

This was indeed news! While we had explored many members of the Priest family in other MMOs, it was becoming clear that Perpetual's are going to be an evolutionary leap

forward. This was indeed becoming one of our favorite expeditions.

We opted to make a quick run to another site to see what they had about the Priest, and we weren't dissapointed. After braving the lands of


for this little tidbit,

The Priest is the main healing and support class in GnH. He also has some offensive debuff and spell-casting abilities. The Priest has enough hand-to-hand damage-dealing- and

taking capability that he can step into this role for short times.

we felt sure that we had had a successful hunt. This was also when we came to another conclusion.

We came to realize that our time on this expedition had expired. It was with heavy hearts that we bid a fond farewell to the Priests (after affixing radio tracking collars to a

few, of course), and headed back to base to begin preparations anew, for our next target wouldn't be nearly as easy to study.

Be sure to tune in next time when Charabis and his amazing team track down the Scout! See you soon!

Games Radar has acquired some basic information on two of the low-level feats for the Priest, as well as a couple of the godly powers you can get, depending on your choice of deity. For more on these Godly powers you may be granted, be sure to visit them! For a bit about the feats, read on :)

The Priest's starting feat, Heal, restores health to your target. I'm sure this ability being granted at level 1 is no surprise to anyone out there ;) It is still unknown exactly how much health is healed, or how much that amount increases per additional feat point.

The second ability is a bit higher-level, and has been dubbed Mark of the God. This feat is the one that is going to make the Priest a necessity for any group! It designates a target to be sacrificed. When that target is killed, your GROUP gains favor!

Clearly, these two feats show just how popular the Priest is going to be. It's unlikely that minions with healing are going to have the Sacrifice ability, and it's a safe bet people are going to want to use their godly powers as much as possible! As the day drew to a close, we headed on our way. We returned to camp to publish our findings, and relax a bit. Be sure to join us tomorrow for the final two class updates, Scouts and Soldiers. Until then, this is Charabis saying, goodnight for Search for Rare and Wonderous Creatures of the Gaming World!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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