I've been playing a Priest/Druid
and have noticed a few things that other players need to understand so we all
live long and fruitful lives bashing mobs instead of the other way

1) PROTECT YOUR HEALERS! I can't count the
number of times I get 4 baddies who decide to aggro on me while the Warrior I am
protecting continues to bash the one who stuck with him/her. If your healer dies
chances are you will die too. Certainly the healer in that situation won't be
healing anyone but themselves leaving the tanks uncovered. Do what you can to help get the mob off the healer.

2) Do
not run away.
Even when things are looking grim and you are down to 10%
health hang in there and continue to fight. Many times I am working on healing
someone who decides to run and goes out of my range. They then have the mob
chase them with me chasing the lot trying to get off a healing spell. 90% of the
time the guy who runs dies anyway. Yes, sometimes you will die before you get
healed. The spell fizzles or a baddie interrupts the caster or (many times had
this one happen) the spell goes off literally 1-2 seconds too late and the
warrior dies. That sucks, but remember the healers WANT you to live as they are
next on the menu for the monster's dinner. Bottom line is you will die
occasionally so get used to it but chances are you will live longer if you stand
your ground and hope your healer is on the ball.

3) Do not
Revive yourself when you die.
It is very annoying when a Itgroup
member does this and everyone has to wait for them to run back to them. Most
healers can Revive fallen party members. You may have to wait 10 minutes but
generally better to do that than Revive yourself (I have been the lone survivor
running from mobs for 10 minutes till I could get back and Revive
everyone...that was still the best choice). At the very least ask in Group Chat
what to do before doing it. In a dungeon (Blackburrow) I find there are other
groups who will Revive you as they come across your corpse and you usually don't
have to wait too long.

4) Healers need to work better
If there is more than one healer in a group they need to work
in tandem rather than as individuals. Many times some warrior gets two heavy
healing spells laid on him nearly at once which (usually) mostly wastes the
effect of one of the spells. If you've got two healers, have them decide at the beginning of the group who will do what. If they are the same healing class, their spell effects won't stack, so they will need to coordinate who will be responsible for which things. I've had it
where myself and another healer both ran out of Power before a fight was over
because of wasting spells like this so if you are up against tough mobs this is

5) Healers need to remember to give all other party
members a token to Revive the healer if the healer dies.
Occasionally I
have forgotten to do this and it stunk when I died and no one could bring me
back. To everyone else DO NOT toss that token once given! Yes, you really want
an empty slot to haul that one more piece of loot but learn to live with it.
Once the group is over go ahead and toss the token.

6) If you aren't tanking, don't get aggro. At other times, try not to draw aggro. Also, make sure you assist the tank or your group's designated assist. This keeps everyone on the same targets and helps to keep down the number of people the healer has to worry about.

7) Carry decent food and drink. This is just a general tip for playing in general. Make sure you keep some player made food and drink of your tier on you all times. It helps to increase your health and mana regen, as well as boosting some stats. Sometimes it makes the difference between repair costs or continuing to smoosh things.

I know not everyone
needs this advice and some others may have more advice (add to this if you do).
But this should be a decent starting point.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016