Treasure Keys are a new addition in the House of Wolves and are required to access the Treasure Chests in the Prison of Elders. The treasure room becomes available at the end of each Prison of Elders match, so it’s important to have at least one key in your inventory before heading into a match. The chests hold some of the games best loot including a chance at Exotics and the new Legendary Queen’s Gear.

You’ll get your first key after completing the Queen’s Bounty story line missions, but there are alternative methods to get them, which we will go over below.

Important: You can only carry 5 Treasure keys at a time in your inventory but they can be stored in your vault for future use. Feel free to farm them at will.

Wanted Bounties

One of the best ways to get your hands on some treasure keys is by completing the Wanted Bounties made available by Petra Venj in the Reef. Bounty missions are sort of like public events in that they take place in the Patrol portion of the map and often require several players to complete.

Once you’ve arrived at the location of the Wanted bounty, several waves of enemy Fallen Wolves will begin shuttling in, with the bounty target eventually arriving in the last drop ship. Destroy all the waves and you will have 90 seconds to find an Ether Chest, which will be located, somewhere nearby.

The chest will spawn in a slightly different location each time but is usually not too far. Jump on your sparrow to make the process more efficient. The ether chest also emits a beam of yellow light out the top that makes it easier to locate.

Along with legendary engrams, upgrading materials and other goodies, the chest has a chance of holding a Treasure Key each time. If you get a good group together you can complete bounties in no time, hopefully snagging some keys in the process.

Update: The first Wanted Bounty completed each week will award you a treasure key. Drop rates for Treasure Keys in all other chests have also been increased.

Prison of Elders

The keys are turned in at the end of the Prison of Elders but one will also be dropped after your first completion of PoE for the week. The rest of the week after that you will not receive a key until the reset, so you’ll have to look at one of the alternatives if you want to keep opening chests that week. *

You should also make sure you have room in your inventory for the key when completing the first match of the week, so that you don’t lose your chance at opening the chest.

*Update: A key is not guaranteed to drop after your first Prison of Elders run anymore. Instead you are guaranteed a key for completing your first Wanted Bounty.

Update: Some players have reported getting keys from the smaller Prison of Elders Chests. Make sure you check them all!

The Treasure Room

After you complete the Prison of Elders on lvl 32, 34 or 35 you will be able to use your key to open the central large chest. If it is your first time running that level PoE, with that character, that week you will be guaranteed to get either an armor core (for lvl 32) a weapon core & Etheric Light (lvl 34) or a Weapon, Armor, and Etheric Light (lvl 35). Not to mention all of the extra goodies you will receive such as engrams, materials, and other legendary/ exotic gear and weapons.

The exception to these rewards is the lvl 28 Prison of Elders that does not award cores or House of Wolves level legendary’s as rewards.

Update: It has been reported that the lvl 28 PoE does indeed rewards House of Wolves level legendaries.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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